Ed O’Brien interview reveals 2012 tour, possible solo album

by Jonathan on August 29, 2011

Ed O'Brien's nippleLast week, Ed O’Brien gave an interview to Argentinian website, Al Tuntún, as well as lost-pixel.net and revealed that Radiohead were booking tour dates at the moment for 2012. He was also asked about a solo album. “I’m writing songs,” he remarked. If true, this leaves Colin Greenwood as the only Radiohead member who hasn’t released a solo album.

Sorry, this is all the information we have. The full interview should be up soon at Al Tuntún.

(Many thanks to Samuel Dietz. Irrelevant zany gif of Ed’s nipple from Gif Soup)

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  • Benjamin Johnson

    Come to Milwaukee!

  • Xxx

    aaaaawwwwwwww yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh

  • coco

    How do we know this “interview” isn’t fake?

  • fakeplastic

    out of the bunker! out of the bunker!

  • Sue

    Ed’s nipples are NOT irrelevant!

  • Radiohead4Life

    hairy gorilla dicks everywhere I go! what I mean by that is I love me some Radiohead!!!

  • Rita Poon

    What if we cant read spanish

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  • Iej

    U.S. tour behind this album..muahahaha…?

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