Scott Weiland covers Radiohead

by Jonathan on August 30, 2011

Scott WeilandStone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has released a digital-only compilation full of covers. Included is a rendition of Radiohead’s “Let Down” from OK Computer. Stereogum has the track for you to listen to and we’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

You can purchase the compilation here.

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  • Ames

    pretty shit

  • Emily

    Every time I hear something like this all I find myself doing is marveling at the beauty of Thom’s voice and how special it really is.  So thank you Scott, you’ve just given me a renewed appreciation of something I already appreciate.

  • Cyhodg13

    If you’re gonna cover a song, make it your own.  I love when other artist cover tracks because they love them so much.  BUT, you have to rework the covers, make them into something more, different vibe.  In this case, you cant imagine anyone else singing that song but Thom.  

  • Blake Hendriksen

    I love Scott Weiland, but his is pretty terrible

  • Radioheadfan


  • a1d7r7i

    maybe he should have tried pulp’s bad cover version!

  • tim

    that was hard to stomach.  rubbish.  it did make me listen to the original and appreciate it all the more.

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