Did you get your Radiohead tickets?

by Jonathan on September 26, 2011


Both shows at New York’s Roseland Ballroom went on sale this morning at 10 AM and we’ve been reading many reports that it was pretty much impossible for anyone to get tickets. Of course, it’s to be expected that Radiohead would sell out quickly, especially at a smaller venue like the Roseland. Currently, Ticketmaster says “Tickets Not Available” for both shows, but that doesn’t mean that additional tickets couldn’t become available later. We don’t know that for sure, though.

Also, please be very wary of getting tickets through scalpers. All tickets must be picked up at the Roseland will call office right before the shows and be under the name of the person who purchased them. If someone says they have tickets they can sell you, it’s most likely a scam.

Were you able to get tickets? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Philip

    I was on at 10:00 sharp and could not get tickets! Who gets these and how do they do it?! So frustrating.

  • Chris

    Same deal, I tried it like 15 times and kept getting the same message. sucks.

  • Test Specimen

    It is companies who bought every tickets and reselled them for like 1000$ on their website.

  • Froston

    If anyone would like to sell me their +1 at face value I will buy you a beer because you’re not a dick.

  • Roccoavallone

    I got to the last page and it was verifying my card and it failed after a 2 minute wait. I was using a Visa check card. It said order voided and gave me an order #. Called ticketmaster and they said they were working on the problem, tickets should be available later. Sounded like it happened to other people. Anyone else have a similar problem?

  • jose

    thanks for the info – guess we’ll be on TM for the next few days…

  • nico

    almost the same happened to me, but it said that my payment was rejected. used a (french) visa card, with money on the account, so that’s not the problem. pretty pissed off by that.

  • Roccoavallone

     Just called TM for the 5th time. Lady said
    that I’m on a waiting list of people who had the same thing happen. They
    are going through and voiding tickets of people with multiple orders and supposedly gunna call me i my order is next

  • nico

    well, just called. there was a problem, probably with the international confirmation number, so i won’t be on any waiting list or whatever.
    hope you’ll make it.

  • Theapplepirates

    very similar. got to the last page, hit “confirm”, screen popped up and said “system error”. called them. they called it a “technical error” and “we’re very sorry but the show has sold out”. i did everything right and still got f-ed . they admitted it was a mistake on their end but that doesnt get me the tix.

    there will be no extra tickets. they told me earlier that they were working on fixing the problem. When i called back 2 hours later, they said their plan was to ask the promoter for another ticket alotment explaining that they f-ed up, but were denied. again, “we’re very sorry sir…”

    i did everything right…

  • Roadtripper3

    Several friends and I logged on at 10AM sharp with preentered CC info.  I got all the way through and my wait time suddenly increased from 2 minutes to 20.  At which point there were no tickets left.  Scam/joke. 

    If anyone has an extra, I can pay for their ticket as well.  We can also just host some NYC radiohead/greenplastic hang out for those of us who didn’t get tickets. Anyone interested?

  • Phamster92

    Seriously, I logged in at 10 sharp (atomic time) and the tickets weren’t even open yet. I refreshed a few times and then when the option to buy showed up, they were sold out. I felt like I was screwed over.

  • vesperay

    I had an awful experience.  I was online at 10:00 refreshing repeatedly.  Ticketmaster claimed tickets were not available.  At the 10:07 refresh, the “buy tickets” link finally showed up.  When I tried to purchase them, they were unavailable.  Ticketmaster needs to get it’s shit straight.  It wasn’t a browser problem or human error.  They should either be on sale at the time stated or not.  And the moment they are, they shouldn’t be sold out.  I tried calling them to speak to someone and when I did, he sounded like he’d rather be sleeping.  I cried for 10 minutes.

  • vesperay

    **AND if they are sold out, they shouldn’t have the “buy tickets” links still active!  WTF!

  • jose

    the Wed tix went on sale right at 10, but Thu didn’t come on til 10:05 in my case – didn’t matter, because neither had anything to offer right from the start

  • Meeks

    I was able to pull two Thursday tix for myself and my girlfriend. I’ve been a repeat victim of radiohead ticketmaster heartbreak… So this time I needed the help of 5 friends who are not radiohead fans. We all logged on at our respective comps and only 1 of us were able to get through and pull 2 tickets. Moral of the story… Ticketmaster is brutal… the only way to get tix is to play the odds and use as many computers as you can

  • Vinny

    had four computers going…i guess five was the magic number. congrats you son of a….gun <3

  • jose

    Must have been pretty bad if Green Plastic created a post just for this – the RH Facebook site is full of dejected comments too, looks like almost nobody got tickets. Needless to say, we were ready and logged in with all our CC info, and started hitting refresh at 9:55, but never had a chance. Some of the re-sale sites are offering tix from $600 and up, with the same warning about needing to pick them up in person, so you have to wonder what that’s all about. Keep checking TM over the next few days, a few more may always be released…

  • Moonkat785

    I was on ticketmaster at 9:00am refreshing repeatedly to make sure my account didn’t time out. At 9:57, it said tickets were available. I went to search for them, and they were gone. What’s the point of having a sale to the general public if the general public can’t get tickets? This whole thing is ridiculous. 

  • Bmattneu85

    I need your help radiohead fans. I somehow managed to get 2 tix for Wed night but I used my moms amex for me and my friend. since its will call only they wont let me pick em up unless shes there to get them. I don’t know what to do!! im stressing out hardcore. Please if anyone has any ideas or a solution please email me bmattneu85@yahoo.com. …..much appreciated!

  • Bmattneu85

    please help….i wanna cry…ha

  • http://www.greenplastic.com jonathan

    Did you call Ticketmaster? Is your name on the order? You may just need to show up with your ID and her Credit Card, though do call TM to confirm.

  • Bmattneu85

    yeah i called ticketmaster and the irving plaza box office. i even pretended to be my mom and see if they could do something. they wont even refund my money. this tickets are under my ticketmaster account but the billing information is under her name. im so pissed off…im seriously about to lose it. idk what else to do….any suggestions pleaseee dont hesitate to post. if i end gettin in ill buy drinks all night lol….

  • http://www.greenplastic.com jonathan

    It may be worth contacting w.a.s.t.e. to see if there’s anything they can do. Even though they didn’t sell you the tickets, they may be able to help. tickets@waste.uk.com

  • Bmattneu85

    ok thank you! its worth a shot.

  • Apamateur27

    i was also told you had to bring photo ID along with the cc purchase (not to scare you but just to prepare you); i’m sure something can be worked out.  i know it’s so lame, but maybe even a letter from your mother.  i don’t know what the scalpers are going to do…

  • vinny

    i think you’ll be fine.  i wouldnt worry about it, and i certainly wouldnt try to get a refund.  just bring your mom’s cc. 

  • Kd1007

    try to call Roseland’s box office

  • Bmattneu85

    i tried. they said i would have to call Wednesday after 5pm to get any info at all which wouldnt do me any good because i would have had to leave to go there for the show…

  • Phamster92

    I cried myself to sleep while “Creep” was playing on my computer.

  • Elang558

    I couldn’t believe we got tickets. I don’t know how my boyfriend did it but he was pretty confident we’d get them and we did. 

  • dan

    I didn’t get any either, but I wasn’t expecting to. There were only about 6,000 tickets available  for a New York show. The odds were slim to none. At least they are on the colbert report tonight.

  • Bsmiz

    Four computers working on it. Zero tickets. Sold out in a nano second. Really sad. Epic fail every time I try to buy radiohead tix.

  • Opaquiosq

    Hit refresh constantly from 9:58 until about 10:55 (going back & forth between the two shows). No dice. Especially sad since I finally live in NYC when it matters, and still had no luck (probably since R-head fans willing to fly in from around the country/world were competing with us locals). I think a 3rd show is in order.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.meier1 Joseph Meier

    I was as prepared as possible, in my school’s tech center at 9:30, but at 10 ticketmaster still said tickets not available.  Luckily I had multiple backup plans and managed to get them on my Livenation iPhone app.  You won’t see me missing an east coast Radiohead show.  Not again.

  • Gigue

    i’ve been on standby since 9:50, furiously clicking the refresh button. at 10:00, it was still not available! I FREAKED OUT but at 10:01 i was finally able to ‘search for tickets.’ as soon as i clicked, it said that i had to wait 7 minutes. after a minute it changed to 8, then 15, and so forth.. but it only made me wait about 5 minutes in total. i had my debit card ready to go and the whole process took only about 6 minutes, and i got 1 ticket for myself for wednesday!

    but seriously, what I don’t understand is that there are more people who DID NOT get the ticket than the ones who did. Why is that? Didn’t we all click at the same time at 10:00 sharp? I knew it was going to be a brutal competition, but there’s something horribly wrong about it.. Also, there are tickets with outrageous prices on Craigslist and other websites, which makes me sick– there are so many true Radiohead fans who’d kill to see them live but they can’t because of some losers who want to make money out of it.

    Anyway, I have some questions:
    1. Does anyone know how many tickets were available to begin with (Anyone who’s been to Roseland before..)?

    2. If the show starts at 6:30, when should I arrive at the venue to pick up tickets whatnot?


  • Radiovolta

    looking at the wiki for roseland it holds 3,500 people standing so I’d assume something around there.. but who knows how many were sold at the presale, companies, and whatnot

  • chris


    “Do not use your browsers Refresh button, at all, on Ticketmaster.com. Ticketmaster uses cookies, your IP address and who-knows-what-else to track exactly what you’re doing. Going to the event page a minute before tickets go on sale and hitting refresh will almost certainly guarantee that you do not get tickets. Instead, enter the artist/team/event name in the search field, and as soon as your computers clock changes to the onsale time, click Search.”

    That said, it took six people, six computers, and six networks (most of them business networks) to get a single pair of tickets for Thursday, it seems miraculous. Clearly, Ticketmaster should create a lottery system, or at the very least W.A.S.T.E. should create a lottery for pre-sale. To be honest, I was more frustrated by W.A.S.T.E. than by Ticketmaster, but neither is a good system. 

    And lastly, I know it would be difficult to manage, but would a free concert in Central Park be impossible? I know it takes a lot of planning, permissions and so forth, but surely in 2012 it could be done. What better, Radiohead, than that? What show could you possibly conceive of in the US that would top that?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/simmonstodd Todd Simmons

    Another Ticketmonster debacle. What a joke. Even when a thoughtful band like Radiohead make a concerted effort to protect us from scalpers we get scavenged from the inside. Small venue + BIG city + insider vampires + tech snafus = disappointment for longtime, loyal fans.

  • Jordan_9211

    Wow… i deserved tickets and people who didn’t got them. I wish bad karma upon you all.

  • Phamster92

    The thing that sucks is that with the the fact that some people won’t be able to go and the amount of tickets that resellers snatched up (who’s gonna buy $600+ tickets?) there are probably going to be empty seats. Seats that we as fans could have gladly filled.

  • jose

    there’s actually no seats, except for the tables in VIP – it’ll be standing room only

  • Wubiwy01

    Since there was a 2 ticket max, pobably only 1500 – 1600 people got through, and that includes the W.A.S.T.E presale.  Don’t know how many tried, but it sounds like just a lucky few. 

  • Wubiwy01

    For what it’s worth, I used one computer, started refreshing with just one window open at 9:55, as soon as they were available I got in.  Got nervous when Bank of America wanted to “verify my card”, but after about 4 agonizing minutes of that “time remaining: 1 minute” process, I got a confirmation. 

  • Travhawkns

    I didn’t get tix for me and my wife. it’s truly a shame that people will be willing to sell their +1 ticket for an outrageous price and enter the show with
    them without a guilty conscience. especially when it was RH’s intension to avoid this greedy behavior. having said that, we live 1 block away from roseland and are willing to lend out our couch/floor to any 2 people willing to sell us their +1 for face value … email me travhawkns@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/keith.hopkin Keith Hopkin

    Some Roseland Tickets here: http://www.radiohead-tickets.net

  • gotixnewai


  • Bmored83

    Called ticketmaster at 9:50, stalled the rep lady for six mins and when 10:00 hit I ordered my tickets. Worked like a charm… This will be my first rh show.

  • BK

    ??? TIckets were not by phone only via the web?

  • jose

    you must be the same dude from the w.a.s.t.e. thread – well, enjoy – it’s gonna be a great first show

  • Jason

    I think it’s funny that GP didn’t report the New York Shows at all, until after the tickets sold out.  I guess they wanted to keep it it from their readers so they’d have better chances at tickets? But really, if someone is going to visit GP in the first place, then chances are they already knew. I just think its lame, purposely bad reporting on GP’s part for their own non-existent gain.

  • http://www.greenplastic.com jonathan

    Hey Jason,

    We reported about the NYC shows last week. Not sure what you are talking about.


  • Jasonsdumb

    “purposely bad reporting on GP’s part for their own non-existent gain.”

    What does this even mean?

  • kelly

    thats a really good point. except that they posted notice of the shows on the 19th. close though.

  • Eli Jace


  • Imseeingradioheadandyournot

    I’m gonna get shit faced on a whole ‘nother level

  • Manjuberry

    Who wants to do a protest at Roseland? Storm to the gates… see the show. Fuck’em all the hell. 

  • Adam

    Started refreshing at 9:57AM… Got the ticket search screen..  Grabbed 2 then onto the captcha..  I luckily got an easy one and was able to hit submit in probably under a second and then I instantly got 2 tickets..  No waiting room thing..  I’m truly lucky but am here to report it was not rigged and tickets were sold.

  • Wubiwy01

    Definitely not rigged.  Sometimes people just don’t get tickets.  Turns out, there are more than 1500 radiohead fans. 

  • Thebananafish

    This is whole thing is do dumb. The Roseland only can legally allow 3,000 people into the venue; I’m sure that at least 30,000 tried to get tickets this morning. Do the math. Some got lucky, some didn’t. End of story.

  • Danizze

    At 10:05 am tix were selling on EBay for over$1000. So there you have it. Hopefully ill get to see them on tour next year.

  • Muldfeld

    Eli Jace, you are a like-minded person who knows how to enjoy a show respectfully. I wish everyone were like you.

    Ticketmaster is so rigged, especially given the merger with LiveNation and the fact that ticketsnow.com is owned by Ticketmaster so there’s no incentive to attack scalping when it’s profiting from it. Scalpers use these things called bots that send out hundreds of signals to buy tickets at a time. It’s so corrupt and this is why monopoly is anti-capitalistic and unfair.

    Yet more evidence that Obama’s a corporate prick who should be sent to the Hague and never see his kids grow up.

  • Meeyuzik

    Hello my name is Pete I’m from Connecticut ….. I got two tickets from ticketmaster….. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky .. But I have been following and loving this band since Pablo honey, and I’ve been falling in love deeper and deeper with their music ever since, they are seriously the best band in the world right now…..their music gets to parts of my soul that I never knew existed ….. I must have gotten the right operator at the right time …all I could do is be grateful to the holy universe for this opportunity …… I realize how huge this is …..I’m actually counting the minutes and so excited that I can’t sleep…..I just hope I don’t die before the show!!!!!!!! Peace and love everyone…..

  • Matali

    I also didn’t get the tickets.
    I wonder if you guys had seen the screen with tickets at 10am exactly?

    I was sharp at 10:00am on Ticketmaster, the link “Find Tickets” showed up at this time, but when I hit the link the next page showed “Tickets Not Available” (like it is right now). Around 10:10 I was able to choose the number of tickets but of course it was too late.

    Did it happen to you as well? Just wonder if there is any pattern with getting tickets on ticketmaster. Next time I will have to find 5 volunteers to log in with me.

  • Anonymous

    I was on right at 10:00 on two different computers. I was trying to score two tickets for Thursdays show for me and my boyfriend. After spending three minutes getting the “tickets are unavailable” screen,  I finally changed the quantity of the tickets to 1 and immediately got one. Despite having to go alone, I have never been so amped about any show in my entire life. I will fully appreciate this with everything that I have for all of you true radiohead fans.

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  • Steventhomasmiller

    I just picked up three tickets to the Seattle show. They’re nosebleeds for sure, but after reading some of the comments below, I should consider myself very, very lucky I was able to get seats for me and my brothers. 

    And yes, Ticketmaster is very brutal.

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