Radiohead appear on ‘The Colbert Report’

by Jonathan on September 27, 2011

Radiohead on The Colbert Report

Radiohead appeared on an hour-long special edition of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report last night and it did not disappoint. The majority of the show was dedicated to the band. Radiohead played four songs: “The Daily Mail,” “Bloom,” “Little by Little,” and “The National Anthem.” In addition, there were two interview segments; the first was with the full band and the second was just Thom and Ed.

The band also taped two additional songs (“Morning Mr. Magpie” and “Codex”) which did not air but are available online.

Colbert was his normal over-the-top self which is always funny but we’ll admit, there were some cringe-worthy moments when he interacted with the band. All in all, it was an awesome night. Colbert “grills” the band on various topics such as why they are British, Dr. Pepper, global warming, corporations, and their Christmas album.

The Guardian has a recap of the show which you should read:

But despite the jokes, Colbert was sweetly visibly thrilled to have the generally interview-averse band on his show. But the band-members themselves looked even more thrilled to be there.

Thom Yorke in particular – not a man famed for his sense of humour – was clearly having the time of his life, being ribbed by the comedian and even making some jokes back.

“Why do Americans like you?” demanded Colbert.

“We don’t know. Not a clue,” replied Yorke, looking slyly out towards the audience.

When Colbert suggested it was just a hangover from Beatlemania, Yorke countered that they were “still waiting for the greeting off the plane with all the crowds and shit”.

“Well, maybe if you were lovable moptops … but you guys have this totally indie ragged kind of quality.”

Yorke burst into laughter while Jonny Greenwood behind him could barely sit up for giggling.

“How old are you?” continued Colbert. After some umming, Yorke, sporting a grizzled beard, replied that he is 42.

“Grow up, man,” Colbert spat out. The band laughed delightedly.

What did you think of the show?

The full episode is online for you to view. All the individual performances are viewable after the jump.









Radiohead on Colbert

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  • Victorpalheta

    The National Anthem clip is with codex name

  • Just wow. Excelent show, Colbert rocks as usual and Radiohead….just heh, wish I was there 🙂

  • Yes, cringe-worthy moments? That’s exactly what I thought too. Specially when Colbert asks Thom about why Americans don’t believe in global warming. I guess they’re just not used to that kind of mock-interviewing. Thom’s response about Dr Pepper was just AWESOME though. I wish we could’ve seen more of his sweet-and-sour kind of humor. When Colbert was interviewing the whole band, you could see Jonny in the back curling up into a ball and covering his face. Funny and well worth it for me though: they don’t do podcasts anymore so we never get to see them interact like that so it was quite a treat. 

  • unitedliarsofamerica

    I could sense they found the interview segments a bit uneasy, Thom hardly spoke. and Colbert is pretty funny sometimes but a douche none-the-less.

  • Derrick_miller

    “a douche none-the-less”?

    umm…elaborate. Apparently, you have watched his show under a false pretense and not realized he plays a character that satirizes the likes of Bill O’Reilly and other self-righteous right wing media hacks. But, you got one thing right–Colbert’s character is meant to be a “douche.” However, your insinuation is that he is truly a douchy person and uses this personality trait explicitly to ire his guests and to draw attention to himself, and thus, be taken seriously as a media talking head.

  • Dicksy

    Can someone please post a link for UK that works? Thanks

  • Garet

    Thom talking about climate change made me cringe

  • death uninc

    stupid colbert, he is an idiot, not literally, but the show; the show is a dumbening/desensitizing device, enjoy your comedy, but I’m sad too see radiohead would be apart of this sort of thing.

  • death uninc

    maybe i should lay off the crack. ok then it’s settled-i’ll smoke more-ps can’t yall give me some crack? please! i need it.

  • Greatlochnes

    Thom looked moronic.  Just stick to playing music. “Scientist”, “misinformation”…come on, man.  You sound like an 12 yr old.  I am liberal and you make me cringe.

  • paranoidandroid

    I think the point he was trying to make is that even scientists can be bought by corporations, and can use their credentials to legitimize bogus data. That makes them “scientists”. 

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