Radiohead: Be careful when buying NYC tickets for more than face value

by Jonathan on September 27, 2011

A statement was just posted to concerning the two NYC shows this week:

Some ticket holders for this week’s New York shows have chosen to re-sell one or both of their allocation on auction sites. Using a 2 ticket limit and will-call only access with ID, we have tried to ensure that more tickets go to the people who prefer to see the show than to cheat fellow fans with re-selling tickets at exorbitant prices.

For those of you who have to pay over the face value of the ticket, PLEASE make sure that you are certain you can get into the show before parting with your money. A ticket is only valid with its matching credit card details and the ID of the purchaser, after which the ticket holder will be escorted straight through.

On a lighter note, we played on The Colbert Report last night. It was funny.
Hope this link works where you are:

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  • jose

    Is anyone planning to try their luck outside the show tomorrow? The only way I think this will work is to try and do it in person before the show – there will hopefully be non-scalpers with extras that may sell them for face or close to it. Since you have to walk in together, and there are no actual tickets, they can’t sell you a fake. As for the scalpers and gougers, once it’s time to go in, they’ve got two choices: eat the extra ticket they paid for, or try to get rid of it for a reasonable price. I would be extremely wary of making “advance deposits” and other arrangements online, i.e. via craigslist.

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