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Buy Ed O’Brien’s guitar, help out a good cause

Ed O'BrienWe recently received an email from Luke Bainbridge, one of the founding editors of Observer Music Monthly, letting us know about a special cause that may interest you hardcore Radiohead fans. Luke writes:

“My four year old niece was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour earlier this year, and a charity trust fund has been launched to help raise money to help pay for treatment in Texas. Ed heard about the campaign and extremely generously gave us the guitar he used on Kid A and Amnesiac, and toured with up to In Rainbows to auction for the charity.

The charity website is

Click here for the auction.

The guitar is a white Fender Telecaster, as seen in the picture to the right. Even more cool is that all five members of Radiohead signed it.

A note by Ed accompanies the guitar and it reads:

To whoever ends up with this Tele…

It was bought in the summer of ’98, just prior to us going into record the albums which came out as Kid A and Amnesiac. It was pretty much the only guitar I used at that time. It’s also been gigged a lot, up until and including the In Rainbows tour.

Hope you enjoy it – all the best

Ed O’Brien

If you’d like to own it, check out the auction and get to bidding! It’s a great cause and we’re happy that Ed and the rest of the band were able to donate the guitar.