Radiohead announce tour dates for 2012

by Jonathan on November 7, 2011

The band just announced the “first part” of their 2012 tour. Check it:

Hi there we are happy to announce the first part of some live shows we will be doing next year, more to follow.
Here are the dates:

27th Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
29th Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum

1st Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
3rd Houston, TX Toyota Center
5th Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
7th Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
9th St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
11th Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
13th Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center
15th Glendale, AZ Arena

We have a number of tickets available through w.a.s.t.e on Wednesday 9th November.
The shows go on general sale on Saturday 12th November (except for Tampa FL, which is the 19th)

For more information go HERE

Stay tuned for more information!

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  • Bec

    What tIme do they go on sale on Wednesday?

  • Anonymous

    Why does it matter? They’ll be sold out 15 minutes before anyone gets a chance to buy them… 😛

  • Bec

    I know, I just want to be one of those weirdos who actually gets tickets!

  • Thehughmaxwells

    FUBUDY. WHA. HUH. NO NORTH CAROLINA? I think I’m gonna be sick…

  • RockTeacher42

    Seriously…WHAT TIME?!  I am assuming (am EST) means Midnight EST.  Anyone have any inside info?  I really want good seats for this tour!

  • Bec

    What kind of seats have people gotten from Waste? I’ve read about a few unhappy people getting crappy seats.

  • Canela_lu

    I wonder if you need some presale code to TRY and buy these tickets. 

  • Dvsden

    Relax people, I did this in ’08: The whole point of not knowing the time of the presale is so Scalpers, err Brokers cannot buy all the tix.
    In ’08 the presale began about 7:15 CDT for me (I live in StL area).  I had to refresh over and over on a couple of different terminals, but I did get four seats.  The seats were pretty decent, especially considering I was one of the last guys to get them before he presale ended. The below pic is about where I sat when they were playing sheds, so if I was one of the last, plenty of others got good seats from the presale. Good luck everyone, and awesome to hear they are playing INDOORS!

  • Bec

    Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this!

  • Any idea as to what ticket prices will be like?

  • Pops

    How come they’re not coming to the East Coast??

  • Sara P

    Anyone know if waste take AmEx?  Its going to totally suck if I actually do figure out the ticket time and make it to checkout only to discover that my fake plastic is no good… 

  • lP

    sara – i feel bad to tell you but i think that when i bought b4 from waste i think they didn t accept amex – i have the same problem this time because i have no money on the bank to use my visa debit card – 

    we ll see – 

  • Dvsden

    AND They’re OFF!!  Got my 4 tix for StL w’ ease. Look like the band is putting these tix in the lower bowl reserved for $69 plus handling charges – will call.  Good Luck everyone.

  • Bec

    I did it! 

  • Anyone know if they are going to do seats on the floor or will the whole thing be GA? 

  • Jamesbullington

    did anyone get Broomfield??

  • Jamesbullington

    I am not getting anything… are they sold out?

  • ive been up ever hour on the hour since 4am cst and nothing has shown for tickets as of yet…no way did i miss it did i? dallas?

  • Jim

    yea.. nothing in Denver. odd. Should I keep trying or give it up?

  • oh no way.

    the page most of us were refreshing to get tickets was NOT the correct page. beyond lame.


  • so i guess thats that huh? gotta use ticketmaster like all the other schmucks out there.

    every hour. since 4am….

    anger and aggression…


    Tickets will go on general sale on 12th Nov (with the exception of Tampa, which is the 19th Nov).

  • Jamesbullington

    sold out

  • James Sullivan

    Tickets went on sale at about 7:20 a.m. ET. I was about to take a shower for work, but obsessively kept refreshing and got very lucky with two tickets to Miami. Good luck to everyone with ticketmaster.

  • Drake

    Thats the first part of the tour, rumour hast it that they will be headlining Coachella and after that is the east coast

  • Anonymous

    I, too, got StL tix.  I had JUST gotten up (seriously, I rolled out of bed to the computer), and I just picked “2” with the first option, which happened to be GA.  Oh wells.  I got tickets!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Depending on the place, tickets are running from $45-$70.  Glendale has tix for $35 and $55, if I recall correctly.  Obviously, TM is going to jack sh*t up with their “fees”, so I’d add another $15-20 on the ticket price for safe measure.  Good luck on Saturday!

  • Kmroz

    Would love to see Radohead in Dallas but the cheapest tickets are $153.00. that is way too expensive why???

  • Anonymous

    Presale in Tampa still available – keep hitting BUY TICKETS until the link is no longer there.  They release some, sell out, release more later.  Good luck!

  • Pleeeaaaaaseeee come to the UAE!! Please please please please pleeaaaseeee!

  • Dvsden

    YOu might make out better than I did.  I got sec 118 on the aisle, which is literally to the side of the stage where Ed and Colin are.  when they played veriozon, I was in the center. I guess you can’t have it all, but I hope my mates and I are not staring at f&cking speakers all night.  I was curious to see how the other presale folk came out.

  • Anonymous

    There was another presale on Friday through some sort of backdoor webpage (someone posted the link to the Radiohead FB page – I wouldn’t have been able to find it anywhere else).  I scored 2 more tickets, but they were for the lower bowl.  I got my seat assignment this morning, and I’m Section 103, Row J, Seats 17-18.  I wanted to be on Ed’s side (’cause he hawt), but beggars can’t be choosers, eh?  Psyched for this show!

  • I ended up getting one ticket for the show in Atlanta. Ended up being $80. Can’t wait!

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