Radiohead announce European tour dates

by Jonathan on November 18, 2011

Radiohead announced on Dead Air Space that the band will be playing some dates in Italy and Germany next Summer:

Also, here are the first set of shows in Italy and Germany that we are planning to do – very excited to be announcing these, and keep an eye out for more updates.

June 30th Hyppodrome Capanelle Rome
July 1st Parco Delle Cascine Florence
July 3rd Piazza Maggiore Bologna
July 4th Villa Manin Codroipo (Udine)
July 6th Wuhlheide Berlin

The Italian dates are on sale now, and the Berlin date will be on sale on 26th November.

To purchase tickets for the Italian shows, go here. As always, we’ll let you know when more dates are announced.

Also, some additional TKOL remixes have been released that weren’t included in the vinyl release. Colin writes:

Hello! Here are three remixes by Anstam, Nathan Fake and Jamie xx that sadly didn’t make it in time for the vinyl release – we wanted to get them out because we’re big fans and wanted you to hear them too. The tracks will be available to buy here on Monday.

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  • anonymous


  • Iches

    Does anyone know on which time the tickets will go on sale? Midnight? Thanks in advance

  • Valeria

    I bought 4 tickets for the Radiohead show in Codroipo, for the 4th of July, and I put my name in the order. 

    Before buying the tickets, I read the terms and conditions of the order here:, where it’s said that “Tickets will be mailed, using registered post, two weeks before the date of the show (earlier if possible), unless stated for box office collection. We will e-mail you as soon as your order has been dispatched.” Unfortunately, in the e-mail w.a.s.t.e. sent me as order confirmation, after the tickets purchase, it is said that: “TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED. CUSTOMERS SIMPLY NEED TO TAKE THEIR ORDER CONFIRMATION E-MAIL AND PHOTO ID TO THE VENUE ON THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW.”

    So, my answer is: is there a way to change the “order confirmation” into “physical tickets” before the night of the show? If I’m not going, how can my three friends enter without my photo ID? I mailed w.a.s.t.e. without any answer 🙁


  • Jarod

    please… no more remixes… please… the truth is that most of them suck

  • Zara

    I have been trying to buy some tickets for the concert in bologna, but the italian ticketsite is not letting me buy them. it says price and quantity are unavailable. does that mean that the concert is sold out? but on the radioheadhomepage it says that they are still on sale. could someone please explain to me how i can get tickets? thank you very much for your help. with kind regards zara 

  • Lets have one in London I could attend my first RH concert 🙂

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