Here’s what’s been happening in Radioheadland

by Jonathan on November 29, 2011

Ed O'Brien at the University of GlamorganUpdates around here have been sparse lately so here’s what has been going on that you may have missed:

Radiohead – Codex (deadmau5 cover) by fuckmylife

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  • Bippityboppityboom

    where’d everyone go?  live in the basement was posted on iTunes, and the two new tracks were released as an audio purchase….i know it’s quiet on the radiohead front, but have we given up on posting completely?

  • melty

    i was thinkin the same mate! is it the twilight of rh era..? seems like many fans were disappointed by these last rh act?

  • Errr, this page usually have long pauses between posting streaks 🙂 Last several years have been full with RH news, so I think it is very useful to this site authors get some rest 🙂 It isn’t like there’s no other info sources for Radiohead out there.

  • Bippityboppityboom

    true, there are other resources, but green plastic seems to pride itself on being the go-to place, and it’s easy to take a breather and still keep people up on the releases here and there, no?

  • frassseiety

    i know its gonna come back

  • jim done

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