Tonight: Tampa

by Jonathan on February 29, 2012

Thom Yorke

Thom in Miami. Photo by Jim Rassol, Sun Sentinel.

After opening their world tour Monday night in Miami, Radiohead hit the road and will be performing at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida tonight. Are you going? Do you think they will play more new songs? Do you think Thom is looking a bit too much like 1980s Bono? Discuss!

Other Lives will be the supporting act again. Check back here for the setlist after the show.

Update: Here’s the setlist:

  1. Bloom
  2. Little By Little
  3. Staircase
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. Morning Mr Magpie
  6. Meeting in the Aisle
  7. Pyramid Song
  8. Nude
  9. Identikit
  10. Lotus Flower
  11. There There
  12. Feral
  13. Idioteque
  14. The Daily Mail
  15. Bodysnatchers
  16. Reckoner
  17. Separator
  18. All I Need
  19. Myxomatosis
  20. Everything In Its Right Place
  21. Give Up the Ghost
  22. Karma Police
  23. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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  • Permanent Starlight

    Dusting off old b-sides is a great sign! Hoping hoping hoping for CUTTOOTH some day! Or Blowout, even though it’s not technically a b-side. Maybe Lift and Big Boots will appear again someday too!

  • Brandon

    Like Bono circa 1980???…. Hilarious. Bono at no point in his career could be given the honor of carrying around Thom’s elastic from his hair. 

  • Mgllrdo

    The ponytail was tolerable during Roseland, but now it’s gotten too long.. Thom, please cut your hair!

  • Melv

    The Present Tense please.

  • heath

    Had a lot of fun, I’m happy they played Myxamatosis and other old favorites. I wish they’d played Kid A or In Limbo, but a terrific show.

  • Barbielemons3000

    Discuss… of course…
    Thom does look a little skeezy, but OMG, I don’t care what he looks like…
    I have missed him terribly… it has been far far far too long since they were Stateside… and really, the new shit, is amazing… can you get better than “The Daily Mail, Supercollider and of course, my favorite, The National Anthem? ”
    Thank You Radiohead so much for playing, for caring, for caring to play, for making me feel the way I do when I hear you and yeah, see you…
    Thank You. I am in St Louis. my new hometown, and cannot wait until you come here and play your big and little songs and I can see you again.
    Thank You so very very much….

  • Alex23sweet


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  • MotherSquid

    We were in Tampa for the show, now in the dreaded post life altering concert doldrums, wanting to open a wrist. But listening to live songs on the iPhone helps, I guess. My life would have been complete if only they’d played their Opus, our favorite piece in the history of music, Paranoid Android

  • greyor

    Excellent show, first time seeing Radiohead and I really enjoyed it. I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them, so I had to go.

  • 6363

    I am a huge fan of Radiohead and it pains me to admit I was a bit disappointed in their live performance.  Thom doesn’t interact that much with the crowd.  I will admit I had lofty expectations for the concert.  However, after I’ve given myself time to digest it, I’d give it an 8/10, not the life changing experience I’d hoped for and expected.  I don’t think their new music is suited for a large venue, much of the intricate and subtle sounds get lost.  I didn’t really feel satisifed when I was leaving. 

  • MotherSquid

    “Life changing experiences” may cost a bit more than the $90 each we paid for fabulous seats, but it worked for us.  We had our spines adjusted by bass. It was an amazing experience, and probably the best show we’ve seen out of about 120 total viewed concerts in this lifetime.  Keep in mind it was show 2 of the tour, they are just warming up, but yet not on the road long enough to be over the whole trip.

  • MotherSquid

    “Open a wrist” may have been a bit over-stated; yes I was sad sad sad the show was over and that I may never see RH again, but it was still a fabulous event. Glad we got good video for personal viewing for years to come, and hoodies and shirts for sons school gear.  His band mates are jealous, at least the ones with good taste…..

  • First timer, eh? It wasn’t the band, it was you.

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