Australian shows sell out in seconds, Scalpers having a field day

by Jonathan on March 1, 2012

Scalpers selling tickets on eBay

A huge debacle occurred today when tickets for the Radiohead shows in Australia went on sale. All tickets for the 5 Radiohead shows sold out in “instantly” after they went on sale at 9 am this morning, leading many fans without a way to see the band unless they shell out big bucks to purchase tickets through sites like eBay. Already scalpers have started posting auctions trying to get top dollar for tickets.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, tour promoter Chugg Entertainment had this to say:

“We are doing what we can to police this, but unfortunately for all of the deterrents that we are able to put in place (like the additional terms and conditions of sale) it is difficult for promoters, ticketing agencies and venues to enforce.”

In addition, Chugg has threatened to cancel scalped tickets:

“As you can see when you go on to eBay, professional scalpers list tickets with vague details on seating locations but rarely ever get specific about seat or ticket numbers, as this information would allow us to track who they are and cancel their tickets.  We are regularly scanning listings to look for tickets that we are able to cancel and will continue to do so up until the tour.”

Did you try and get tickets this morning? Were you successful?


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  • Mgllrdo

    i hate scalpers. it really is a shame that the true fans can’t get a fair opportunity to get tickets.

  • Tankvanwa

    it was so messed up, i waited at the store before it opened and when it did i was the first one there, and was told they had all sold out, (at 9am on the dot) i don’t even know how it was even possible to get a ticket, and now they are reaching prices up to $1000, and this 

    $20,000 WTF

  • Simon

    To blame scalpers for this debacle is to completely miss the
    point. It is simply supply and demand. If Michael Chugg and Radiohead had put
    on more shows to cater for demand there would be no market for scalpers to

    Michael Chugg either completely failed to gauge the level of
    demand for tickets (it’s his job to do this) or he failed to advise Radiohead
    to either put on more shows. If this was not possible then he should booked a
    bigger arena to cater for demand.

    Radiohead were last in Melbourne 8 years ago so they must
    have known their pulling power would far exceed two shows at a 15,000 seat venue.
    Had they genuinely wanted to look after their fan base they should have been
    prepared to do 5 or 6 concerts at Rod Laver Arena.  Alternatively, if their schedule permitted only
    two dates in Melbourne (as we are led to believe) then they should have done
    two nights at the MCG. 

    Given that Radiohead pulled out of one of their two shows in
    Melbourne in 2004 and did not to re-schedule (one can’t imagine Bruce
    Springsteen doing that) one is left to conclude that ultimately it is Radiohead
    who are to blame, for what amounts to be complete contempt for their loyal fan base.

  • geoffc

    I had two computers with two separate internet connections. I was about 15-30 seconds behind with my 2nd computer, and that was too late to get tickets. Fortunately I scored with my first computer. Insane. 

  • JPR

    There are several problems here. First and foremost is a failure to secure enough dates at suitably sized venues. The second is the fact that there was no email notification of pre-sale to fans. I am a member of WASTE and knew nothing about this until it was too late. Thirdly all tickets should have peoples names on them and access limited to photo ID. Millions of airline tickets are sold on line like this every day. I think the promoter needs to shoulder a large part o the the blame but also Radiohead / Courtyard management have failed to give due consideration to the demand of overseas fans for whom this is the first opportunity in 8 years to see them live. I now live in Australia but was fortunate enough to see Radiohead on 4 occasions in the UK.

  • Syanacats

    Tried and was unsuccessful :((

  • radiojammer

    I managed to get 2 tickets but couldnt secure any for my daughter and her boyfriend, so very disappointed for them.  One of my tickets is only an impeded view.  I consider myself lucky to be going at all when so many missed out.  A shame the band cant do more dates.  Can’t understand why they can’t, when they so rarely tour this country which obviously has a huge RH fanbase.  I too am a member of Waste and didnt know about the pre-sales until too late.  The main reason I jointe Waste was so I could get decent concert tickets!  Agree with JPP saying we should have had email notification of pre-sale, it’s shameful that we didnt at least get this.

  • Elvis

    Love that you are telling you daughter and b/f to fuck off 

  • Psiclops

    I was at the Houston show last night–amazing show, amazing set list.  I’ve got tickets for Austin as well. After hearing about the Australia debacle I’m considering myself VERY lucky.

    Found this on ebay; maybe at least two Australian fans can get reasonably priced seats:

  • Pobrien900

    This has happened to me 3 times when trying to buy radiohead tickets in the past. These ticket vendors need to get their crap together

  • Moomepham

    how do we get cancelled tickets?

  • Moomepham

    :O!?!?!?! THATS INSANE!

  • Tim

    I understand your point, but think MCG + Radiohead wouldn’t be a great combination.

  • Tim

    I got tickets for Melbourne and Brisbane in the pre-sale. I guess I was very lucky but I didnt seem to have any difficulties. Then again I was sitting nervously refreshing every 3 seconds for a LONG time.

  • sebs

    Tried and failed for both Sydney and Melbourne shows. Had three tickets ready to put through the checkout for the Brisbane show then the site timed out, after which I had no luck. I’m from Perth, and would’ve been happy to fly to the other side of the country (I did it in 2004 for the Melbourne show that got cancelled due to Thom’s larynx playing up). Still waiting to see them live, since I first started listening in 1997. One day…

  • sebs

    I was flew from Perth for that cancelled show. I would’ve been happy for them to solely play instrumental that night. something… anything

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