Tonight: St Louis

by Jonathan on March 9, 2012

Radiohead in St Louis

Photo from instagram user danspencer

After an off day yesterday, the band will be performing at the Scottrade Center in St Louis tonight. After the show, check back for the setlist.

Update: Setlist below:

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Airbag
04 Little By Little
05 Morning Mr. Magpie
06 Myxomatosis
07 Kid A
08 Videotape
09 The Daily Mail
10 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
11 Karma Police
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Reckoner

17 Separator
18 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
19 Lucky
20 Everything In Its Right Place (Electrolite intro)

21 Give up the Ghost
22 You and Whose Army?
23 Idioteque

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  • Awastoid

    here! the excitement is palpable.

  • Great show! “Lucky” was a phenomenal. I can’t believe Thom forgot the words to “Karma Police” on both verses though. 

  • Chafinjr

    A night of firsts:
    * New adds: Videotape and Lucky.
    * Idioteque was the closing song.

  • Cal9434

    so funny! “this is what you get…when you forget the wooooooooooooooooooooooooords”

  • Rartmann

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo sick! you and whose army?! wow.

  • Josh Minton

    Thom forgetting the words to Karma Police was almost the best part of the show. 

    “this is what you get when you forget the words to the song”

  • Emilyjanepugh

     I can’t believe he forgot the words!  That is hilarious.

  • Cjwalker83

    Last night rocked. We were in 312 and had a great view, though there two idiot “bros” standing up through the last half of the show. Audio quality was great. Loved the stage visuals. Great setlist, Videotape and Idioteque (closing) were my highlights.

    Wife got a shirt ($45) and keychain ($10) so that made her day.

  • Guest

    Who has the set list?

  • DVSDen

    Great show and sound. Our presale seats were to the far left of the stage, so I had a great view of Ed and Thom.  Looks like the views from center were great.  Opening w’ “Bloom” was expected but killer nontheless.  A little bummed that so many songs from last night were played at the Riverport show in 2008.  “Airbag”, “Gloaming” “Kid A” and “Videotape” could have been skipped for other tunes, and NO “National Anthem” again!!  Come on, guys!!
    “Lucky” made my night though.  Glad to see them indoors – way better than in the sheds.

  • Rartmann

    15 step
    Kid a
    karma police
    The amazing sounds of orgy
    Daily mail
    Morning mr magpie
    lotus flower
    there there

    everything in its right place
    weird fishes

    Give up the ghost
    you and whose army

    Fucked up order.. amazing show

  • Rartmann

    And little by little 🙂

  • Rartmann

    The didnt play gloaming

  • Emilyjanepugh

    Oh man, I will die if they play you and whose army in AZ. Also would love to hear paranoid android since this is my first time seeing them live. I think every fan needs to hear that one live at least once.

  • Deleuze

    There were a few songs I wish I could have heard, but I can’t really complain with this set list.  The show exceeded my expectations, which is saying something given how high they were.  I couldn’t possibly pick a highlight.  Airbag, Kid A, Orgy, Myxamatosis, Lucky, EIIRP.  Not one bum note the whole night.  Yorke botched Karma Police, but he redeemed it by incorporating his mistake into the song.  TKOL material was more impressive in a live setting than I could have imagined from footage I saw beforehand.  Morning Mr. Magpie in particular was incredible.  The part where it builds (“nononono”) was overwhelming.  

  • DVSDen

     You’re right – i had a feeling after I typed that; Reckoner is the other repeat song I had in mind.  Although I shouldn’t bitch b/c they could play There There and Myxamatosis every show and I would be stoked.

  • Nigel

    Riverport was great, but last night blew it out. High energy, up tempo. Just awesome!!! But I respect your opinion.

  • George Delgado81

    I still can’t believe I saw them live. It was my first time seeing a live concert, ever. Radiohead was absolutely surreal. It was almost too much, I just about cried during Lucky.

  • Angela

    It really did not matter to me what they played……The songs had artistic variations from the last time I heard them, and I heard several new songs. Seeing Radiohead is an enlightening experience whenever and wherever and I consider myself fortunate to have been among the masses. Bravo Gentlemen! Till we meet again!

  • Bwjosep

    How could you not stand up at a radiohead concert?

  • Deleuze

    I agree with you George.  Lucky was transcendent.  

  • Deleuze

    Enjoyed the review.  Glad to know they won you over.  I come at it from a different perspective since I’ve been a die-hard fan since the late 90’s when I first heard the Bends and Ok Computer.  This was the first time seeing them live, however, so the expectations were impossibly high.  And they exceeded them easily.  

  • Jmreisch

    Bravo…I am one of those annoying ppl who dance and stand no matter how rude it is…I didn’t spend $80 to seethe favorite band like I’m at a movie or opera..i can’t help but lose myself in the moment regardless of how foolish I look…

  • Did anyone else find the improvisation on “Airbag”, “15 Step”, “Little by Little” and “Morning Mr. Magpie” interesting? 

  • Rfsulli

    I promise you he is referring to me and my friend. As we looked around at every other section where EVERYONE ELSE was standing, we decided to stand as well. At Radiohead shows you stand up and jam out. Were we wasted? Hell yes. Did we annoy that guy? Apparently, good. The fact that we’re deemed as bros because we’re enjoying a Radiohead concert more than you is laughable. Stand up next time, ding dong.

  • Cjwalker83

    Rfsulli- Were you part of a group of 5? And did one of your friends get food/nachos on his pants right as the Radiohead was starting? I’m sure you guys had a fun time…

    Also, the people behind us were not standing. The people in front of you were not standing.

    To the people wondering why I wasn’t standing: I hate standing when I can see fine while seated. Remaining seated when nothing obstructs your is courteous.

  • Deleuze

    Yes.  I thought that rendition of Morning Mr. Magpie was the best I’ve heard.  

  • CG

    Best Radiohead concert I’ve been to. Thom was less interactive with the crowd but seemed in slightly better spirits. I was in 102 H. That’s the closest I’ve ever been. I was skeptical of the venue, being a hockey arena, but it worked out better. My wife with the bum knee was able to sit and still see most of the stage pretty well.
    I’ve never seen people drink more at a concert than I have at that one. A bunch were sloppily drunk too. Why would you pay that much for such a great band and spend the whole night drinking $10 beers?

  • It was definitely different, the big crescendo at the end was cool. They always do a good job of making their songs more interesting live; “Talk Show Host” and “The Gloaming” are two good examples. I thought “Airbag” was strange because Jonny was messing with the main riff. 

  • Deleuze

    Yeah, I noticed that.  Not sure what I thought about it at the time.  Was a bit overwhelming seeing them live for the firs time.  I thought they played Lucky fairly straight (and well).  

  • I have only seen them live once before and that was at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in 2003. I think I liked this show more. The set design is incredible! I might try to see them again on this tour. “Lucky” was amazing as was “Myxamatosis”. Also, I thought it was interesting how Thom ended “Little by Little” by saying “I will miss you my love”.

  • Emilyjanepugh

     I can’t imagine not standing the whole time.

  • Emilyjanepugh

     Radiohead was your first live concert?  That seems unfortunate- you have nowhere to go but down. 

  • Deleuze

    Yeah, I think I want to go to Bonnaroo now, even if only to see them again.  

    I noticed that!  He said a few cryptic things.  He threw in some extra quip near the end of “Kid A,” right after “the rats and children follow me out of town” bit.  Have watched a video of it on youtube, but I still can’t figure it out.

  • Interesting. I haven’t really watched any youtube videos for this show but I suppose I will look for some. 

  • Nigel

    You can sit down for the rest of your life, if any moment were worthy of your attention it would be seeing thom and the boys rock out. Unless, ofcourse if you have a medical issue like the guy behin me and he still stood. Wow! Bitchin other people out about rocking out at a show. Don’t go to a Phish show then bro.

  • Cjwalker83

    Don’t mind other people having a good time, just would like them to consider other people for a moment. I didn’t care if I could see. But my wife, who does hurt every second she is on her feet couldn’t without craning her neck around.

    And if I thought I could have asked them to sit without incident, I would have.

    Also, don’t plan on seeing Phish. Ever.

  • Radiojammer

     PA is my favourite song of theirs.  I hope they play it in Melbourne when they get here, I’ve got 2 concerts to go to and I desperately want to hear it.  But whatever they play will be great, I’m sure.

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