Tonight: Broomfield

by Jonathan on March 13, 2012


The tour pushes on tonight when the band performs at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Will you be attending or are you desperately seeking tickets?

Update: Setlist below:


01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 The National Anthem/Hunting Bears
04 The Gloaming
05 Morning Mr Magpie
06 Staircase
07 Separator
08 Codex
09 Nude
10 Karma Police
11 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
12 Bodysnatchers
13 Feral
14 Lotus Flower
15 Reckoner
16 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

17 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
18 There There
19 Lucky
20 Everything in its Right Place (True Love Waits intro)

21 Give up the Ghost
22 Myxomatosis
23 Idioteque

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  • Kyle Oh Brien

    Idioteque was unbelievable…

  • Sill

    Why did they not have an after show for VIP guests? Made us wait at the bar area for over an hour and then security kicked us out. Unbelievable!

  • Ifyem


  • Ifyem

    Hey Sill, why don’t you make like a tree and pleave!

  • Epic show again last night, uploaded my videos today at:

  • guest

    That show was so dope…Thom’s voice during Reckoner was like chocolate melting in your mouth, so sweet.

  • Geofsdrums

    Great show! Scored tix last minute and wound up with fantastic seats! Probably once in a lifetime shot! Maybe we in CO will te lucky and they will swing around again!

  • PearlyXG

    Hey where is that photo from? and who took it? Or more correctly, who took those photos from this post? I dig… 

  • holata

    jonny has quite the frightening glare there.

  • Kidamnesiac

    Eric, I hope that whoever said that Street Spirit “must be a new song” in your video was joking…

  • Jklisto

    I when to see them both dates in Mexico city, it was the first time I saw them alive,   i most confess i was alittle dissapointed about the songs   they performed, many songs where missing and replace by new ones, I  consider them  great songs, but were not great enought for such a waited concert, looking at the list up here I am ever more dissapointed. Bodysnatchers that song alone  would had blowned my mind and expectative if they had played and now that I see they had it in consideration and didnt play it well that makes me sad. I guess I was hoping for a more active concert, I wanted to moved, to dance to close my eyes and let the music take control over me  ( love the new song with the’ let me take control ‘lyrics! btw) However i found myself more hypnotize by the light show, I hear in an interview in our local radio station that they knew Mexican public would not expected this concert to be a radiohead greatest hits concert, wich is fair however I believe mexican public is more ‘ prendido’ light on?  by their heavy stuff, maybe heavy is not the right way to describe it just more powerfull in sound and not so melodic, Iam dont consider myself the right person to describe radiohead sound, but  personally I wanted to freedance all of their songs! The concert was still amazing, songs that  I love touch my heart and their messages (or at least my interpretation) got straight to my mind, at some point they where flotting in space and invited us to float with them, with Lotus flower they show us the way out of the matrix into the beauty of eternal existence. and thats just what i can remember at the top of my head, If the world doesnt end this year, I wish with all my heart to travel with their  alive music again. 

  • Hey everyone,Great show last night. I just uploaded a few videos if you want to check them out.The National AnthemIdentikitI’ll also be posting photos on my blog in a few days .Enjoy. 

  • Killinginthename


  • brakitybackityback

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