Happy 2013 (We’re not dead)

by Jonathan on January 16, 2013

GP 8/2000

Screen capture of Green Plastic from August, 2000. This is the actual size, designed for 640×480 screen resolutions. Crazy.

Hi everyone. As you can see, this site has not been updated since July of 2012 and you may have been wondering if it was ever going to be updated again. At this point in time, after 16 years (!) of running this site, I haven’t had the time or resources to give it the love it deserves.

The world has changed a lot since I first started this site. Back in 1997, there was no social networking, no Twitter or Facebook. The “fansite” was really the only way for fans to get the information they wanted about their favorite bands. Today, people can get push notifications and immediate aggregated updates on anything they want from all sorts of sources. This leaves a site like greenplastic.com a little less useful, especially when it’s not updated as frequently.

Green Plastic is not going anywhere and the site will remain online for a long time to come and I do hope to be able to return to posting regularly. In the meantime, you can visit our still active message board to interact with other fans.

I appreciate all the love and support over the years.

We’ll talk soon,


PS. Check out Thom’s Dazed and Confused mix!

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  • sleepy jacques

    much appreciated.
    it’s always nice to be reassured that we’re not dead.

    happy new year j.

  • Jochen

    Jonathan, don’t feel bad about neglecting the site. I don’t think anyone wants it to be a burden on you. As you said, things change. Just don’t take the site offline for no good reason or let it detoriate until it is completely unusable. That would be a pity.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for all your updates through the years, Green Plastic was always my first stop when trying to find out the latest Radiohead news.

  • Sara-E

    Jonathan, I kept getting my fix of Radiohead through the years while reading your great, great website. It is true that in a time where Wikipedia and Facebook didn’t exist, your work and the work of others diehard fans permitted to the other junkies to know what was going on with the best band of those years. Don’t feel bad; you left a great legacy and those archives are gold.
    – Sara-E, Montréal, Québec

  • FPS

    Sometimes we don’t need an instant message about what just happened, Sometimes we just need a familiar place, not filled with last minute irrelevance, but remarkable content.

    This site is a huge reference for all things radiohead since day 1. And that is all thanks to you.

    Good to know we will still have this safe haven!!

  • Xavier

    Hey Jon, nice to read something here again.

    I did get worried about your whereabouts a few months ago, and was relieved to see that you were still tweeting, safe and sound 🙂

    Cheers to you, and thank you for keep the site up and running!

  • Keep on postin’, Jonathan! We love everything Radiohead – come back to the USA soon – a fan forever, JulieinDerbyCity

  • Impulsefestivaldotcom

    To be honest- I haven’t visited this site in months- but I will say I have been visiting for many, many, many years- possibly over a decade now.

    This saddens me… and I cannot get the same level of awesome information from facebook, twitter, etc… so….

    Where do I go?

    Not happy about this at all… please bring someone on to help!

  • Nathalie

    Jonathan, thank you, thank you, thank you for this site. No Twitter or Facebook can ever replace this. I feel like I am visiting my old friends when I read your page. Please stay. Thank you.

  • @morten_pape

    I’m glad you are keeping the site up. I have always – and still do – use it as a reference, when I want to check up on something. Your work is very much appreciated

  • darkcity

    Radiohead got me through some tough times when I was in high school, and this website was the place that nourished my interest in the band. I’ve since grown out of Radiohead, but 14 years later, on a whim, I decided to come back and am comforted to know that you are still here. Thanks for your hard work over the years.

  • Raymond

    Yeah, you’re dead.

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  • Jonathan, Jerusalem, Israel

    I, too, would like to express my thanks and appreciation for everything you have done over the years, Jonathan! More power to ya!

  • TwistedWords

    You’re dead…at least to me. Goodbye.

  • Derek

    I do hope this is still going on…I do feel to blame a bit as I honestly haven’t been following this site like I used to religiously. The best source for all things Radiohead when I was younger. But I honestly forgot about its relevance as I haven’t paid attention to anything on the Internet not sports or politics related. I got away from Radiohead…I hope that’s not an example of why this site is no longer active

  • Derek


  • KC

    Been on my Best of Music web list since 1999 – great to see it still around (I remember that screen shot!). Thanks for everything – you were the Facebook, twitter, and breaking news all rolled into one, for all things Radiohead!

  • dop

    Where’s our yearly update my friend????

  • kaykayaa

    Just found the site as i am refinding one of my favorite bands. Please don’t go anywhere. Just getting to know you.

  • LHV

    over a year since your “not dead” post. you’re dead.

  • Jbent999

    Incredible job over the years! If Nigel is the 6th band member, you’re the 7th!!

  • Stephen Michael Johns

    Hey! Check out my Radiohead cover of creep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=979ekT0Jkw4

  • dx486

    I haven’t listened RH for long time but I used to be a fan of them in 90’s and 00’s. I was a frequent visitor of this website. It made me happy to see this familiar place from those times is still up and running.

    Yes, there was no social networking back then, but there were valuable, specific contents in independent websites like yours.

    Long live Green Plastic Radiohead!

  • daniel

    happy 2015….we’re dead



  • dalekslayer96

    It’s been two years now. RIP Green Plastic.

  • Peter Boels

    Those were the days … Green Plastic Radiohead and the Radiohead Mailing List. Happy memories. Peter (Belgium)

  • DevinA

    . . . you kind of are, though.

  • Janett

    One of the first sites I visited when I discovered the Internet and radiohead many moons ago… I still visit from time to time. Love it.

  • Kyle Tomlinson

    looks like you’re dead now

  • Rob Maher

    I feel the same way. I’m glad that they don’t irreverently try to stay current with Radiohead rumors and gossip and bullshit. Substance. Substance. Substance.

    Just like Radiohead. They don’t fuck around. They make the music that they want to make and they release it when they feel so inclined.

    This site is nostalgic for me. I maybe only check it once a year, or when something happens (like a new Radiohead record). But it reminds me of when I first came upon Radiohead way back when. Glad I did.

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