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News for May 1, 1999

From the Radiohead Announce List:

“Some official news on the new album. The band have been in a stately home in Gloucestershire (as they did in Bath for the last album) since April 12th recording stuff with producer Nigel Godrich for the next LP. There’s no idea how many songs they’re working on yet – it’s still early days, but they have got tons of stuff down from their demoing in France, Denmark and on the road with their mobile studio.”

Due to the spectacular response of the recent showing of “Meeting People is Easy” in selected cities, Capitol Records and Seventh Art Releasing have added additional screenings of the Radiohead film Meeting People Is Easy in Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Ithaca and Seattle, with additional markets to be confirmed. The film premiered at Austin’s South By Southwest music conference in March, and was held over for extra weekends in Los Angeles and New York after all scheduled screenings sold out and fans had to be turned away.

Here are the new dates:

  • April 30 – May 6 Boston MA – Brattle Theatre 10pm (WBCN will
    be sponsoring the May 3rd screening.)
  • May 1-2 Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Film Festival: Cleveland Cinemateque
  • May 2 Detroit, MI – 89X Screening: The Magic Bag – Doors at 8pm
  • May 7-8 Detroit, MI – Main Art Theatre – midnight shows
  • May 13, 14, 16 Ithaca, NY – Cornell Cinema 9pm
  • June 11-12 Seattle, WA – Egyptian Theatre – midnight

Guess what?!! The U.S. video release of MPIE has been pushed back again. It will be released on May 18 on video and DVD. You can preorder it today at The 120 Minutes special on MTV focusing on Radiohead has been moved to May 16 at 11pm Central. They will be airing the television version of “Meeting People is Easy” as well as lots of RH videos and other goodies. Set your VCR.

Thom is apparently performing a solo set at the annual Tibetan Freedom Concert in June. This year’s concert will be held in four cities around the world and Thom will be doing an acoustic set in Amsterdam. The date is June 13 at the Rai Parkhalle. The band won’t be joining because it would disrupt recording of the new album.

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News for February 1, 1999

hey, read this nice little article from

Radiohead’s next attempt to woo another batch of cerebral music critics begins today, when the quintet enters a Paris recording studio with producer Nigel Godrich (OK Computer, The Bends) to continue work on approximately twenty songs that the band has already begun sculpting. “We don’t really do demos,” says Godrich. “It’s kinda against our rules now. You have to be recording them at the right time when they’re ready to be recorded, ’cause the songs will never sound as good again.” Eventually, Radiohead will up and move their operation to another recording studio in England, but for now the album will be made in France. As for what direction the group plans to take the new material in, Godrich says that’s still an unknown but “it’s not like ‘Okay, let’s all play mandolins.’ It’s been three years since we did OK and I’ve done a lot of things and hopefully learned a lot of things. I know I wanna come out fresh. When we did OK it was very much in our minds that we didn’t wanna make The Bends 2. It’s the case of just throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks ”
speaking nigel godrich, there is confirmation that the next pavement album (which is produced by godrich) will have jonny as a guest on two songs. he will be playing his original instrument, the only one he knew how to play when he joined On a Friday (radiohead’s first name), the harmonica on “Ground Beefheart” and “Billy the Saint.” the album is expected to be released next june.
more later =)