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News for June 2, 2000

This Monday, June 05, Ed and Phil will be appearing on the French TV channel, Canal+, at 6:20 p.m. (GMT +1). French viewers can call and assist in the show by calling 08 03 09 55 55. They will be appearing on Canal+’s show “NULLE PART AILLEURS”.

Also, Radio One in the UK will have a Radiohead exclusive in the evening on Monday 12th June, the day before they start their European tour. it will be something new – it’s not known quite what yet. maybe a session or a liveset or first play on a single, or just an interview…

Finally, we have reason to believe that RH will be giving a press conference in Paris on Tuesday. We’re still waiting confirmation on that.
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Q article
Head on over to for a recent article about Radiohead.
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Radiohead #2 in poll
Radiohead was at #2 with OK Computer and #13 with The Bends during yesterday’s “Timeless Album Top 100” poll held by Belgian radio station, Studio Brussel. Best album of all time, according to the poll, went to Nirvana’s Nevermind. Last year, OK Computer was #1.

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News for May 30, 2000

Colin and Jonny were in Holland yesterday to be interviewed on 3FM radio. You can listen to the interview in RealAudio over at Planet Telex.

During the interview, words like “dark” were used to described the new album. They recorded close to 40 songs and will have to choose from those. Jonny then went on to say that “if you like things like ‘Exit Music (for a film)’, ‘Talk Show Host’ and ‘Airbag’ you will like the new album, because it’s got songs similar to that. And also some experimentation with electronic music as well that we’re sort of getting into.”

When asked why they were bringing their own tent, Jonny said, “We don’t want to play in those venues that are designed for sport and have Coca-Cola adverts everywhere. That’s not what we want to do, really.”

The band were also asked why they weren’t going to play the Pinkpop and other festivals to which Colin replied, “The important reason for not playing Pinkpop is that we’ve already played Glastonbury before the release of OK Computer and we just don’t repeat what we’ve done before and which is playing a big festival before the release of an album.”
Jonny mentioned that they had about 7 possible titles that they are considering for the new album.

During the interview, it was confirmed that Radiohead will be playing in Holland on September 15, 2000. They will be playing at the Goffertpark, in Nijmegen. Tickets are on sale now at

Meanwhile, over in Spain…
While Jonny and Colin were in Holland, Ed and Phil were giving a press conference in Spain. Ed said that they were not going to reveal any information about the new album early, but could say that their decision to use a string orchestra for songs like “Dollars and Cents” and “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” and an 8-piece brass ensemble was because “we don’t want to repeat ourselves because we find it boring.”

For more information on this press conference, head on over to IndyRock.

New album to be released in October?

Music365 is reporting that they have received confirmation from a Radiohead spokesperson that the new album will be released this October. Go and read the article at

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News for February 11, 2000

What a night! The band put on their second webcast last night and left us all wanting more! At around 6pm Eastern time, Radiohead set up their turntables and video cameras and partied for almost 4 hours!

The evening was full of excitement. Ed, Phil, and Colin took turns playing DJ, while the others danced around (Go Mel!) and sat by the fire outside. The highlight of the evening was definitely the introduction of three new songs. Thom, Jonny, and Phil had a little jam session which was incredible, called “There there”, by Thom. That was followed later by Jonny and his electronic toys.

The band got together at the end and played another new song with Ed on vocals, even though he wasn’t really singing. “Ed was pulling wurds out of the magic top hat which i use,” said Thom.

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News for February 5, 1998

there are two radiohead home videos in the works. the first one, entitled “Meeting People is Easy”, was shot by Grant Gee and will be released sometime in the late summer/ early fall. the video will primarily be behind the scenes tour footage and interviews.

the other home video will be released on march 24 by Parlophone in the UK only. it will include videos for Paranoid Android, Street Spirit, No Surprises, Just, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees, and High & Dry. a CD will also be included containing No Surprises, Meeting in the Aisle, Polyethylene Pts 1 & 2, A Reminder, and Pearly*. No word on a U.S. release.

phil recently said that the band are interested in recording their next album in New Zealand, at a studio in Karekare beach where Crowded House recorded their final album, “Together Alone”. Selway told the New Zealand Press Association during the band’s recent visit, “we’ve been looking at studios to record the next record in, and when we were in Auckland we went out to Karekare to look at one. it’s the same one that Crowded House used. it’s such and amazing place.”

don’t start jumping up an down yet for the new album. the band has stated that they will be taking off 6 months before recording.

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News for February 1, 1998

some North American tour dates have been announced:

“Radiohead is about to embark on their second U.S. tour in support of OK Computer, with Spiritualized opening four or five shows, and Bjork possibly on the bill for four dates. The tour kicks off March 28 at the Theater Bayou Place in Houston, Texas, and will most likely wrap up April 17 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Bjork is tentatively slated to appear on the last four dates of the trek. At press time, the only two Spiritualized dates confirmed were the March 28 Houston show and the April 1 Los Angeles show. Here are the initial confirmed dates; more will be added:

March 28, Houston, Theater Bayou Place
March 29, Dallas, Music Hall at Fair Park
April 1, Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheater
April 2, San Francisco, Bill Graham Civic
April 4, Salem, Oregon, Salem Armory Arena
April 5, Seattle, Paramount
April 6, Vancouver, PNE Forum
April 8, Calgary, Max Bell Center
April 12, Toronto, TBA
April 13, Montreal, TBA
April 15, Worcester, Mass., TBA
April 17, New York City, Radio City Music Hall”

i do not have any more info about these dates or when and if they will add more. stay tuned.

make sure to watch MTV’s 120 minutes tonight at 12:00 am EST time. they will be showing live footage of radiohead to promote the new 120 minutes live cd that contains fake plastic trees live. the cd should be released sometime this week.

OK Computer Phil Selway Radiohead tour

News for January 28, 1998

correction: bjork will be opening up for radiohead in toronto on april 12, not march 12. please adjust your day planners accordingly.

rumors are everywhere! the latest: a cleveland DJ announced on January 13 that radiohead would be on the lollapalooza 1998 bill. sheesh! also rumors of a washington d.c. and new york gig in april.

for all you folks in australia, MTV australia will be showing a special about the band on february 8. the festivities include a videography, a rockumentary, and a live concert special (probably last month’s Live at the 10 Spot.)

radiohead came away from this year’s NME awards with Best Album for OK COMPUTER and Best Radio One Evening Session. Thom thanked the people rather reluctantly from japan over the phone. [from radiohead-announce]

one last note: phil reportedly didn’t return to the band’s encore at the Fukuoka gig due to illness. we all hope that he is OK now.