Radiohead Recording New Album
Q Magazine Online April 21, 1999.

Radiohead have already begun recording their fourth album - the follow up to their massively successful 1997 album, OK Computer - at a stately home in Gloucestershire.
"We still don't know how many song they're working on," stated the management company, "I don't think that it's structured, it' still early days."
Once again enlisting the producing abilities of Nigel Godrich, recording sessions kicked off on April12. The management company also stated that there is no timescale at present, and are doubtful of a release before the Millennium.
A spokeswoman for the band added that due to the band already having abundantly demoed songs, recording of the album should be relatively straight forward. "They took their mobile studio to demo on the road when they were touring, and since then they have been rehearsing new songs in France," she said.
"They've got tons of stuff written already but they're in no hurry to get finished," she added.
For those wishing to keep up to date with what's been going on whilst on tour, Radiohead's on-the-road documentary, Meeting People Is Easy, will be screened for the first time on Channel 4, May 5 at the highly sociable time of 1.05am.