Welcome to the Radiohead Chronology here at Green Plastic. Below you'll find important dates in Radiohead history.

May 23, 1967
Phil Selway (drummer) was born in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire.
    April 15, 1968
Ed O'Brien (polite guitar) was born in Oxford.
October 7, 1968
Thom Yorke (singer, guitarist) was born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.
    June 26, 1969
Colin Greenwood (bass) was born in Oxford.
November 5, 1971
Jonny Greenwood (abusive guitar) was born in Oxford.
    The Talking Heads' True Stories was released with the single "Radio Head." This song had some part in the band's choosing of a name later in time.
Thom entered Exeter University where he studied English and art.  At this time, Thom was in a number of bands.  He and Colin were both in a band called TNT when they decided to make thier own band.  Enter Ed and Phil and after much pleading, Jonny. Their name was On A Friday.    
    July 22, 1991
On A Friday played their first after graduation gig at the Hollybush in Oxford.
Mid 1991
The band recorded a demo tape titled Manic Hedgehog after the local Oxford indie record store.
    August 1991
On A Friday played a gig at Oxford's Jericho Tavern.  The band's first ever interview was about this gig.
November 1991
Played another gig at the Jericho.  This time over twenty A & R people showed up, some even willing to pay to get inside the sold-out venue.
    December 21, 1991
On A Friday signed a record deal with EMI.
March 1992
On A Friday changed their name to Radiohead.
    March 27, 1992
The band was offered a major opening slot at the Venue in London with The Catherine Wheel and the God Machine.
May 5, 1992
The Drill EP was released but gained very little interest.
    September 21, 1992
The single, "Creep", was released.
October 21, 1992
The Creep Autumn tour begins supporting Kingmaker.
    February 1, 1993
Radiohead releases their third single, "Anyone Can Play Guitar."
March 6, 1993
The band's debut album, Pablo Honey, is released.  It reaches #25 in the UK charts and will eventually go gold.
    May 29, 1993
Bolstered by live dates and heavy MTV airtime, Pablo Honey is released by Capitol Records in the US.  It enters the charts at #184.
August 7, 1993
Pablo Honey goes to #32 in the US.  It will eventually sell over 2 million copies around the world.
    August 25, 1993
Radiohead cancels their appearance at the Reading Festival due to Thom's throat ailment.
September 4, 1993
"Creep" hits #34 in the Billboard Hot 100.
    September 6, 1993
"Creep" is reissued in the UK.
September 17, 1993
Radiohead begins US tour supporting Belly.
    October 13, 1993
Radiohead receives a gold record for US sales of Pablo Honey.
January 1994
The band convert a fruit farm in Oxfordshire to rehearse songs for the new album.
    February 1994
Radiohead begin recording new lp with veteran producer John Leckie at Rak Studios.
May 27, 1994
Show at London's Astoria is filmed by MTV and later released on home video.
    September 26, 1994
The My Iron Lung EP is released in the UK.
October 19, 1994
Mexican Tour begins.
    November 1994
Work is complete on Radiohead's second album at Abbey Road Studios.
March 11, 1995
"High and Dry" is released as a single, reaching #17 in the UK.
    March 25, 1995
The Bends album is released, hitting #6 in the UK.  "The album that everyone knew the band was capable of."
June 3, 1995
"Fake Plastic Trees" is released as a single, peaking at #20 in the UK.
    September 2, 1995
"Just" is released as the next single.
September 8, 1995
Radiohead open up for R.E.M. on The Monster Tour.
    November 1995
Radiohead open up on Soul Asylum's tour.
February 19, 1996
Thom and Brian Eno collect the Freddie Mercury Award for their contributions to the Help! compilation aiding War Child.
    August 1996
The band begins a 13 date US tour supporting Alanis Morissette.  They also spend time contributing to the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack.
May 21, 1997
Radiohead's third album, OK Computer, is released in Japan.
    May 26, 1997
The first single, "Paranoid Android" is released in the UK.
June 16, 1997
OK Computer is released in the UK.
    June 17, 1997
OK Computer is released in Canada.
July 1, 1997
OK Computer is released in the US.
    July 25, 1997
Radiohead perform "Electioneering" on the Tonight Show.  This marks the start of the US tour.
July 28-29, 1997
Thom and DJ Shadow record "Rabbit in Your Headlights" for James Lavelle's UNKLE album, Psyence Fiction, in San Francisco.
    August 12, 1997
"Karma Police" is released in the UK.
August 29, 1997
Radiohead performs "Karma Police" on the Late Show with David Letterman.  This ends the US tour.
    December 19, 1997
The band performs a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for MTV's Live at the 10 Spot.
January 1998
Japan Tour begins.
    January 12, 1998
"No Surprises" is released.
February 1998
The band wins a Grammy for best Alternative Music Performance for OK Computer.
    April 21, 1998
The EP Airbag/How am I Driving is released in the US.
April 27, 1998
The home video, 7 Television Commercials, is released
    November 24, 1998
Meeting People is Easy is premiered in London.
November 30, 1998
Meeting People is Easy is released on video.
    December 10, 1998
Radiohead takes part in the Amnesty International Concert in Paris.
April 12, 1999
Radiohead starts the recording process in a stately home in England for album #4.
    June 13, 1999
Thom and Jonny take part in the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Amsterdam.
December 9, 1999
Radiohead throw a little Christmas party webcast called "Amateur Nite" in which Thom and Jonny were DJs playing some of their fav songs. They ended the party with a performance of a new song called "Knives Out." This took place on the band's official website and was broadcast in RealAudio and RealVideo.
    February 10, 2000
The band entertain their fans with another impromtu webcast.
June 13, 2000
Radiohead perform for the first time in almost two years at Theatre Antique d'Arles in Arles, France. This mini-tour ended on July 9 in Israel.
    July 5, 2000
The follow-up to 1997's OK Computer was officially announced today. The title of the new album is Kid A.
September 1, 2000
Radiohead begin their tent tour in Newport, South Wales.
    October 2, 2000
Radiohead's 4th album, Kid A, was released today for most of the world.
October 3, 2000
Kid A was released in the US and Canada.
    October 14, 2000
Radiohead perform for the first time on NBC's Saturday Night Live. They played "National Anthem" and "Idioteque".
April 29, 2001
Radiohead perform a concert for Canal+ in Paris.
    June 4, 2001
Radiohead's fifth album, Amnesiac, is released in most parts of the world.
June 5, 2001
Amnesiac is released in the US and Canada.
    July 7, 2001
A hometown festival is organized by Radiohead in Oxford. Other bands that performed include Sigur Ros, Beck, and Supergrass.
November 11, 2001
I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings is released in the UK.
    November 12, 2001
I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings is released in the US and Canada.
August 2002
After a long rest, Radiohead join Nigel Godrich in Los Angeles to begin work on their sixth album.

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