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Fake Plastic Trees
Directed by Jake Scott
Filmed in an aircraft hanger in Los Angeles, California.
This one is set in a, well sort of futuristic supermarket where all items are large jars full of coloured stuff. Mr Yorke is pushed around in a shopping trolley looking rather young whilst various 'types' of shoppers walk around. "The film is actually an allegory for death and reincarnation but if you can read that into it you must be as weird as the people who made it." says Jake Scott. So there you have it.

Review By Karen Hands:
If you ever need to stock up on jars full of red, green, blue, yellow or orange water, this supermarket is the place. That is all that fills the shelves. Actually it was filmed in a hangar in Los Angeles' Van Nuys airport, where the end of Casablanca was filmed, and was directed by Jake Scott, son of Ridley Scott who directed Blade Runner. All Thom fans will have a field day, it's only equal is Street Spirit. He throws many great looks at the camera, and goes through about fifty different emotions, as would be expected. He's got short blond hair and looks great. The only problem with this video is, the continuity. At the beginning he has bleached blond hair, and at the end it's red. Never mind, it doesn't really affect it. In fact, everybody looks great. Phil still has some hair, Jonny looks handsome, and throws us a great look over the top of a shopping trolley, as do Ed and Colin. Thom once said something along the lines of: "Our videos are not works of art. They are merely tools for promotional use." He couldn't be more wrong. I just feel sorry for him. It must have been really painful sitting in that trolley for such a long time.

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