Plays two fender precision basses, one '72 and one '77, through a Gallien-Krueger 800rb head into an Ampeg svt 8x10 Cabineta late-sixties 20-watt Ampeg combo is also employed for overdrive purposes.  Other electronics include a DBX 160t Compresser, an Alembic tube preamp, a Companion distotion pedal, and a Novation Bass Station synth for "Climbing Up the Walls."  he uses Elite Stadium series strings. 

The "Airbag" bassline - Colin swears it wasn't a product of the recording played it with all those gaps. "I was thinking originally I might put something else in those empty spots, but we never got 'round to it."

"Climbing Up The Walls" - bassline was played by Colin on a Novation Bass Station synth. Colin: "There's no distortion on it; it just gets that squelchy analog sound naturally"

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