Jonny favors to use a rewired 90s Tele Plus armed with lace sensors and a cut off switch (he uses a single blue lace sensor at the neck, and he uses a humbucker of 2 red lace sensors at the bridge).  He also has various other Telecasters including older models and more of the same.  He sometimes uses a 1975 Fender Starcaster (Subterranean Homesick Alien).

Jonny's Tele with the Astroboy sticker.

Jonny playing a tele [sunburst] using a lace sensor at the neck and two sensors as a humbucker, with pedal board [from left to right [visible: yellow Boss SD-1, white Boss LS-2, red Digitech Whammy(original), note the arm brace
Q magazine most original guitarist online poll: 

Nick McCabe (Verve): 3%

John Squire (Stone Roses/Seahorses) 7%

Bernard Butler (Suede/solo) 8%

Graham Coxon (Blur) 20%

Jonny Greenwood 62%

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Marshall Shredmaster
Jonny's main means for distortion
ProCo Rat
Often used too.
Line selector in a (white boss pedal)
Occasionally used during "The Bends" era.
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Now discontinued (replaced by XP100).
Pitchshift effects, e.g. Just and My Iron Lung.
Small Stone Phaser
Used in 1st movement of Paranoid Android,
Fake Plastic Trees live, Planet Telex chorus.
Volume Pedal (could be a Morley)
[no pic available]
Used hell of a lot.
Tremolo - Homemade, no rocker
[no pic available]
Intro to bones, in which he bends down to adjust the speed.
Roland Space-echo - rackmount
Creates special modulation effects, e.g. Exit Music, Subterranean HA, Climbing UTW live (through a transistor radio)
Mutator - rackmount
Used in last Paranoid Android solo (in recording the solo, Jonny fed the signal in twice)
- Prefers to use the now discontinued Fender Deluxe 85
(a mono transistor amp.)
- Sometimes uses a Vox AC30
- Fender Twin Reverb
- Peavey 212 chorus amp.

Vox AC30
(click to enlarge)

Fender Twin Reverb
(click to enlarge)

- A Fender Rhodes Piano 
-A Korg Prophecy 
-FARTAR keyboard controller running e-mu classic keys 
-A Xylophone 
-Strings are Elite .010 gauge.
Responsible for Radiohead's "abusive" guitar, Jonny Greenwood was the last member to join the band, and started as
keyboardist. He recalls that for the first year he never turned the volume up, and infact the other band members didn't actually notice.

Jonny has often said that he doesn't really care about the equipment he uses, and said he'd just as much like to be behind a keyboard than playing guitar.

After the release of The Bends, Jonny, went to a doctor because of pain in his arm. His aggressive playing style resulted in him wearing a brace on his arm. It has become a sort of trademark since. He says it doesn't bother him, "it's like taping your fingers before a boxing match".

Jonny's guitars also feature cut-off switches placed to cut the signal from the pickups. The result is a staccato on-then-off note, e.g. the last solo to just and several places in Paranoid Android. The name of the switch goes by the title 'momentary' since it cuts the signal momentarily. To fix the simple way, simply insert the switch across the wire connecting the output jack (where you plug your lead in), and volume knob. There are two wires leading to the output jack, so make sure you connect it to the wire leading to the volume resister and note the tone controls. Jonny places the switch on the metal plate (on a Tele) between the volume and tone dials (can be seen on all his Tele's). If you want to do this, simply drill a hole through the plate, but remember to remove it from your guitar first! Note that Jonny's guitars are rewired, and so he would've probably fitted the switches differently.

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