"Airbag," features a distorted drum track that sounds almost as if it were looped--if only there weren't so many variations. Yorke chuckles when asked about it. "It took two days to put that track together," he says. The band weren't happy with the drums as they were played live, so Yorke, Selway, and Godrich used a Mac and as Akai S3000 sampler to cut up, rearrange, and generally manipulate them. "We took inspiration from the way DJ Shadow cut up and reassembled rhythm tracks," Phil says. "I went in and drummed for a quarter of an hour, and we took the three seconds' worth of any value out of it, and then out it back together to form this angular track that you don't generally get from programming or loops." "We were trying to imitate an old demo that we'd done when we were very young, with Jonny putting a drum track through his Moog, sampling it, and then fiddling with the EQ," Thom says.

Plays a four-piece premier kit with Zildjian cymbals. He also uses Zildjian ticks, size 5a. 

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