Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

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September 27 Athens, GA USA 40 Watt Club
October 26 Vancouver Canada 86 Street Music Hall supporting act: Crash Vegas
June 28 Washington, DC USA 9:30 Club
April 29 Cardiff Wales ??
June 14 Paris France ?? In-store performance
June 16 Lyon France ??
June 18 Bordeux France ?? In-store performance
June 19 Rennes France ?? In-store performance
July 14 Los Angeles, CA USA ??
July ?? Dallas, TX USA ??
August 15 Dronten Netherlands ?? Lowlands Festival
October 15 Chicago, IL USA ?? In-store performance
October 27 Calgary Canada ??
February 25 Hull England Adelphi
February 13 Reading England After Dark Club
October 28 Las Vegas, NV USA Alladin Theatre
October 17 St Louis, MO USA American Theater
July 14 Hollywood, CA USA Arsenio Hall Show First US televised performance
January 29 Lichfield England Arts Centre
December 07 Derby England Assembly Rooms
October 08 Boston, MA USA Avalon Ballroom
December 02 York England Barbican Centre
June 03 København Denmark Barbue
September 03 Glasgow Scotland Barrowlands Co-headlining with Blur
June 12 Velsen Netherlands Beeckestijnpop Festival
June 05 Fagersta Sweden Bergslagsrocken Bergslagsrocken Festival (evening)
February 24 Manchester England Boardwalk
September 18 Dallas, TX USA Bomb Factory
May 10 Bristol England Bristol University
December 09 London England Brixton Academy
June 30 Chicago, IL USA Cabaret Metro broadcast on JBTV
March 04 London England Camden Underworld
September 23 Miami Beach, FL USA Cameo Theater
October 02 Newark, DE USA Carpenter Sports Building, University of Delaware
February 19 Exeter England Cavern Club
June 24 New York, NY USA CBGB's
November 15 Munich Germany Charterhalle
June 15 Nancy France Cine 3000
December 05 Wolverhampton England Civic Hall
November 28 Porto Portugal Coliseu do Porto
May 15 Belfast Ireland Conor Hall
November 23 Paris France De Casino
June 12 Amsterdam Netherlands De Melkweg
June 08 Nijmergen Netherlands Doornroosje
March 01 Leeds England Duchess of York
October 16 Dekalb, IL USA Duke Ellington Ballroom at Northern Illinois University
July 05 Salt Lake City, UT USA DV8
January 26 Canterbury England Expose Club
February 17 Bristol England Fleece and Firkin
September 21 Gainesville, FL USA Florida Theater
June 15 Nancy France FNAC Auditorium In-store performance
July 19 Boulder, CO USA Fox Theatre
December 04 Manchester England G-Mex
March 05 Treforest Wales Glamorgan University
October 19 Boulder, CO USA Glenn Miller Ballroom-University of Colorado Campus
December 11 Portsmouth England Guild Hall
January 15 Gloucester England Guild Hall Arts Centre
May 05 Haarlem Netherlands Haarlemmerhout Bevrijdingspop Festival, Radio Broadcast
June 10 Den Haag Netherlands Het Paard
June 02 Århus Denmark Huset
September 22 ST Petersburg, FL USA Jannus Landing
January 22 Dudley England JB's
February 18 Southampton England Joiner's Arms
July 11 San Francisco, CA USA Justin Herman Plaza Live 105 Free Show
February 28 Glasgow Scotland King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
May 03 Glasgow Scotland King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
January 30 Kingston England Kingston Polytechnic University
July 13 Los Angeles, CA USA KROQ studios
June 19 Rennes France L'Espace
November 18 Toulouse France La Confluant
July 08 Portland, OR USA La Luna
February 23 Paris France La Maison de la Radio Black Sessions
May 07 Leeds England Leeds University
May 06 Leicester England Leicester University
December 08 Gloucester England Leisure Centre
November 12 Cologne Germany Live Music Hall opening for James
February 04 Loughborough England Loughborough University
October 06 Providence, RI USA Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
June 04 Göteborg Sweden Magasinet
May 08 Manchester England Manchester University
March 02 Kidderminster England Market Tavern
November 11 Hamburg Germany Markthalle opening for James
August 15 Leuven Belgium Marktrock festival First Radiohead show in Belgium
September 25 Atlanta, GA USA Masquerade Music Park
June 05 Lund Sweden Mejeriet Lund Festival
October 11 Pittsburgh, PA USA Metropol
November 16 Besancon France Montjoye
July 04 Quogue, NY USA MTV Beach house MTV Beach House performance
November 13 Frankfurt Germany Music Hall
September 14 New York, NY USA NBC Studios Late Night With Conan O'Brien
December 13 Newport England Newport Centre
June 11 Rotterdam Netherlands Nighttown
July 02 Toronto Canada Ontario Forum opening for Ned's Atomic Dustbin
February 11 St Albans England Oral Surgery
November 26 Madrid Spain Pachá
June 20 Paris France Passage Du Nord
November 27 Lisbon Portugal Pavilhão dos Belenenses
February 16 Brighton England Pavilion Theatre
March 03 Rayleigh England Pink Toothbrush
February 05 Leicester England Princess Charolotte
February 27 Greenock Scotland Rico's
October 01 College Park, MD USA Ritchie Coliseum
May 09 Newcastle England Riverside
October 15 Chicago, IL USA Riviera
July 07 Seattle, WA USA RKCNDY
May 14 Dublin Ireland Rock Garden
September 17 Houston, TX USA Rockefeller’s West Start of the Belly tour
June 17 Montpelier France Rockstore
October 09 New York, NY USA Roseland
March 31 Tel Aviv Israel Roxane
April 01 Tel Aviv Israel Roxane
April 02 Tel Aviv Israel Roxane Radio Broadcast
January 13 Egham England Royal Holloway
November 01 Toronto Canada RPM Club supporting act: Crash Vegas
October 03 New Brunswick, NJ USA Rutgers University
February 22 Sheffield England Sheffield University
May 02 Sheffield England Sheffield University
September 02 Shelton, Stoke, Staffordshire England Signal Radio Studios Acoustic FM Broadcast
August 22 Gierle Belgium Sjock Festival
July 11 San Francisco, CA USA Slim's
July 01 Detroit, MI USA St Andrew's Hall
October 13 Detroit, MI USA State Theater
June 26 New York, NY USA The Academy
December 01 Glasgow Scotland The Barrowlands
September 30 Norfolk, VA USA The Boathouse
September 01 London England The Garage
October 21 Phoenix, AZ USA The Grind
July 15 Phoenix, AZ USA The Library Cafe
October 22 Hollywood, CA USA The Palace
July 13 Hollywood, CA USA The Palladium opening for PJ Harvey
October 14 Milwaukee, WI USA The Rave
September 19 Austin, TX USA The Terrace
September 28 Charlotte, NC USA The Underground Annex
July 12 Hollywood, CA USA The Whiskey FM broadcast
November 19 Marseille France Theatre du Moulin
June 23 Philadelphia, PA USA Theatre of Living Arts
February 10 Buckley England Tivoli
June 09 Utrect Netherlands Tivoli
March 14 London England Town and Country Club Opening for Belly
July 09 Vancouver, BC Canada Town Pump
November 22 Lyon France Transbordeur
February 15 Nottingham England Trent University
May 01 Nottingham England Trent University
October 10 Philadelphia, PA USA Trocadero
December 12 Norwich England UEA
January 14 London England ULU
May 12 London England ULU
October 05 Amherst, MA USA Union Ballroom at Universtiy Massachusetts
February 20 Oxford England Venue
August 28 Oxford England Venue
June 22 Boston, MA USA Venus de Milo First US performance
November 20 Geneva Switzerland Vernier sur Rock
September 24 Orlando, FL USA Visage Club
October 24 San Francisco, CA USA Warfield tour with Belly
February 06 Coventry England Warwick University
August 21 Wateringen Netherlands Waterpop Wateringen Festival
February 03 Stoke England Wheatsheaf
November 02 Montreal Canada Woodstock Bar
July 16 San Diego, CA USA World Beat Center
April 30 Wolverhampton England Wulfrun Hall
January 28 Chelmsford England Y Club Supporting Act: Youth Culture Killed My Dog
November 25 Barcelona Spain Zeleste