Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

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June 20 Dublin Ireland 2FM Interview with Thom and Jonny.
August 12 Washington, DC USA 9:30 Club
July 06 Werchter Belgium ?? Werchter Festival
November 20 Aberdeen Scotland Aberdeen Exhibition Centre
October 13 Rotterdam Netherlands Ahoy
August 19 Toronto Canada Arrow Hall
September 03 London England Astoria Theater Secret w.a.s.t.e. gig
May 28 London England BBC Broadcasting House Evening Session
May 31 London England BBC Broadcasting House Later with Jools Holland.
November 19 Birmingham England Birmingham NEC
November 02 Bonn Germany Biskuithalle
September 04 Bridlington England Bridlington Spa
September 13 London England Brixton Academy
September 05 Dundee Scotland Caird Hall
November 10 Hannover Germany Capitol
November 15 Cardiff Wales Cardiff International Arena
August 18 London Canada Centennial Hall
September 14 Brighton England Centre
June 02 Toronto Canada CFNY FM interview with Thom, Ed, and Colin.
August 20 Ottawa Canada Congress Center
October 21 Marseille France Dome Zenith
June 07 Randall's Island, NY USA Downing Stadium Tibetan Freedom Concert.
July 02 Cologne Germany E-Werk
August 28 New York, NY USA Ed Sullivan Theater taping of the Late Show with David Letterman.
August 24 Philadelphia, PA USA Electric Factory
September 07 Blackpool England Empress Ballroom Thom dedicates "Creep" to Piers Morgan, editor of the Sun.
July 05 Torhout Belgium Festival Field Tourhout Festival
October 30 Firenze Italy Florence SportPalace
August 08 St Louis, MO USA Galaxy
May 15 Lisbon Portugal Garage
May 16 Lisbon Portugal Garage
May 17 Lisbon Portugal Garage
July 01 Hamburg Germany Grosse Freiheit
August 26 New York, NY USA Hammerstein Ballroom
December 19 New York, NY USA Hammerstein Ballroom Taping for MTV's Live at the 10 Spot television show.
August 23 Boston, MA USA Harborlights Pavilion
November 05 Stockholm Sweden Hovet
November 03 Berlin Germany Huxley's Neue Welt
June 09 New York, NY USA Irving Plaza
November 09 Copenhagen Denmark KB Hallen
August 02 Bremerton, WA USA Kitsap County Fairgrounds
June 14 Irvine Meadows, CA USA KROQ Weenie Roast
October 18 Paris France La Zenith
August 16 Cleveland, OH USA Lakewood Civic Auditorium
September 09 Gloucester England Leisure Center
July 04 Belfort France Les Eurock╚ennes
June 28 Glastonbury England Main Stage Glastonbury Festival
November 17 Manchester England Manchester Nynex Arena
August 10 Atlanta, GA USA Masquerade
August 13 Pittsburgh, PA USA Metropol
August 22 Montreal Canada Metropolis
June 03 Toronto Canada MuchMusic Televison Broadcast.
June 02 Toronto Canada Opera House
June 26 Roskilde Denmark Orange Scene Roskilde Festival
October 22 Toulouse France Palais des Sports
October 28 Milan Italy Palavobis
September 11 Plymouth England Pavillions
June 19 Belfast Northern Ireland Queens University of Belfast unannounced gig.
September 12 Reading England Rivermead
August 07 Chicago, IL USA Riviera
November 06 Oslo Norway Rockefeller
June 21 Dubin Ireland Royal Dublin Showgrounds
October 24 Madrid Spain Sala Canciller
October 26 Bergara Spain Sala Jam
October 17 Strasbourg France Salle de Schiltigheim
October 16 Zurich Switzerland Spirgatan
November 11 Offenbach Germany Stadthalle
November 13 Offenbach Germany Stadthalle
August 05 Minneapolis, MN USA State Theater
August 15 Detroit, MI USA State Theater
November 01 Munich Germany Strom
October 20 Grenoble France Summin
September 02 Doncaster England The Dome
June 24 Utrecht Netherlands The MCV
July 31 Vancouver Canada The Rage
July 25 Hollywood, CA USA The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
August 03 Estarada, OR USA TimberBowl KNRK's "The Big Stink"
September 08 Stoke England Trentham Gardens
June 13 Los Angeles, CA USA Troubadour
November 07 Lund Sweden Victoriahallen The concert was scheduled to Olympen but was moved to the bigger Victoriahallen.
October 14 Brussels Belgium Vorst Nationaal/Foret National
October 29 Modena Italy Vox Club
July 27 San Francisco, CA USA Warfield Theater
November 16 London England Wembley Arena
July 26 Los Angeles, CA USA Wiltern Theater
May 22 Barcelona Spain Zeleste
May 24 Barcelona Spain Zeleste
October 25 Barcelona Spain Zeleste
October 12 Lille France Zenith Arena