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Justin Herman Plaza - San Francisco, CA USA
July 11, 1993
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Sing A Song For You (Tim Buckley cover)
Thinking About You
Killer Cars
Show Notes
Thom performs a killer solo acoustic set. He opens with "..a song by Tim Buckley."
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Submitted on: AUGUST 11, 2003 13:46:17

Today is the 10th anniversary of the first time I saw Radiohead live (well at least Thom).

The show was at Justin Herman Plaza out side of the Hyatt Regency at Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. This is the same plaza that U2 performed at when Bono spraypainted the fountain (see Rattle & Hum, when they sing All along the Watchtower).

There were a few opening acts, one of which was the Trash Can Sinatras... a great and now defunct Brit guitar pop band of the era.

The set list looks right (10 years later, it is hard to remember). I think Johnny or Colin was also there to back up Thom... They did a great set.

I think Thom did the radio friendly "very special" instead of the actual lyric... but it was still powerful to see them so close up and early.

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