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World Beat Center - San Diego, CA USA
July 16, 1993 with Blacksmith Union
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Prove Yourself
The Bends
Faithless The Wonder Boy
Banana Co
Stop Whispering
Inside My Head
Anyone Can Play Guitar
Pop Is Dead
Thinking About You
Blow Out
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:05:58

Opening act was Blacksmith Union, a San Diego

World Beat Center is a small club (about 400). Very intimate show. Creep had been getting massive airplay on 91X in San Diego and the band was clearly sick of the hype surrounding it and the crowd's Pavlovian anticipation of this radio hit. Of course, they still played it, but it was a very "angry" version, which somehow made it better.

The show rocked and was quite loud all the way. It lacked the dynamics and subtlety they would later reveal with The Bends and beyond. However, it was still a great show.

I was not yet a huge Radiohead fan, but in retropect am quite happy to have enjoyed this show so early in their career. I had no idea at the time that they would evolve into such an amazing act. I don't think Pablo Honey truly showed the potential of their future work as The Bends would.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:22:19

One last comment: They DID NOT do the radio version of Creep. Thom screeched "you're so fucking SPECIAL" at the top of his lungs. I enjoyed how he was able to make the song fresh despite his disgust at the emphasis on this song in the marketing of Radiohead to the masses.

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