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American Theater - St Louis, MO USA
October 17, 1993 with Belly
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Submitted on: AUGUST 05, 2003 10:42:51

I was 17 when I saw Radiohead perform with Belly. The show was pretty amazing. It was my first Radiohead concert, and I was in the front row. I hadn't listened to them much at the time--unlike these days--but what was so amazing was that back then they were still very new, and my girlfriend and I went around the theatre afterwards and met the band (and met belly too) we talked for what was probably 15 minutes, and they were the most approachable guys. J. Greenwood stood and talked with my friend about guitar theory, and was something that has stuck with me. I've seen them in Boston and will catch them at Camden, NJ and Atlanta before the year is up.

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