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Glenn Miller Ballroom-University of Colorado Campus - Boulder, CO USA
October 19, 1993 with Belly
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 21:04:05

This was the only other time I've seen Radiohead play, aside from last week's sold out show at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Wow, what a difference. They have completely matured musically and their live show has matured, as well. I worked for Program Council for this show, and although I liked 'Creep'--mildly--I was not impressed by their live show, and by the end of the show, did not want to go meet them at all. Thom was posturing like a typical rock star, leaning on the monitors. The band was aloof and uninterested, sounding more like a poor imitation of Bush or Nirvana than the amazing rock band they are today. But at least I can say I saw Radiohead play for 200 people instead of 20,000.

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