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Sheffield University - Sheffield, England
September 30, 1994 with The Julie Dolphin
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01 Bones
02 You
03 Prove Yourself
04 Just
05 Banana Co.
06 Ripcord
07 Permanent Daylight
08 Creep
09 My Iron Lung
10 Vegetable
11 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
12 Killer Cars
13 Pop Is Dead
14 Stop Whispering
15 Anyone Can Play Guitar
16 Street Spirit
17 Lurgee
18 The Bends
19 Thinking About You
20 Inside My Head
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Submitted on: JUNE 30, 2003 02:33:15

I can't remember much about the show itself but a few things that happened are:

A) I had to go by myself because none of my mates liked them!

B) I decided to see them after watching them at Glastonbury that year and really enjoying it.

C) During support act 'The Julie Dolphin' Ed and Colin were stood at the back of the crowd. Jonny also came along. I had a few words with Ed, I can't remember exactly what was said but do recall that I said I liked the support band and Ed agreed they were good (God knows whats happened to them since, I never heard of them again, I think they were from Australia or New Zealand). Before they went off back stage to prepare Ed said he hoped I would enjoy the show. Very nice gentleman!

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