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Junction - Cambridge, England
October 3, 1994 with The Julie Dolphin
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What I can remember (in no particular order):

Stop Whispering
Anyone Can Play Guitar
My Iron Lung
Punch Drunk Love Sick Singalong (definately)
The Trickster (I think)
High and Dry (acoustic - Thom solo)
Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic - Thom solo)
Thinking About You
Prove Yourself

I really wish I could remember more
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Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 02:03:11

My first Radiohead gig as a good friend dropped out. There was a great atmosphere in the place. please note that I'm writing this 9 years after the event.
Radiohead were supported by The Julie Dolphin, I can't recall a lot about them but I've not heard of them since.
This gig fell just after the release of my iron lung and a couple of weeks before the release of the bends so the set was amazing.
I know that when they plated Creep Thom said "Here's the one you all want to hear," I'd read the week before that they hated playing the track but had to for the fans.
They played My Iron Lung, Stop Whispering (with the FUCK YOU in the middle), Just, Anyone Can Play Guitar, b sides from my iron lung, Ripcord and various others. What stood out for me most of all was when Thom played solo acoustic guitar for 2 unknown songs to me at the time from the soon to be released The Bends. It was just him standing under a spotlight, pitch black everywhere else and he played High and Dry and Fake Plastic Trees. That moment has still not been beaton and I've now seen the band 4 times, including Glasto 2003. The best moment of the best gig I've witnessed to this date.

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