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La Diabla - Mexico City, Mexico
October 19, 1994
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Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 06:33:52

listen i hope this review was good because my english its not good. in fac i didnt stay in that concert because i was a little child and my fathers didnt want that i listen that kind of music, so they didnt let me go to the concert with my cousin, but he said thas was strange, radiohead was not a very popular group in this contry in that time so the people went only by curiosity. the play a little time and seem very out side. a lot of people consider this visit like a ghost visit, because later when the group had more popularity nobody can belive that radiohead play once time in mexico, in a place so horrible like "la diabla".

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 09:35:13

i need to give an apologise fr the horrible review that i write 2 hours ago. its true that i didnt stay in the concert but my cousin say that in fac de concert had a few of people and no one meet radiohead good. the concert was 30 minuts and the band look so strange, propably never imagine that the place was so simple and the people too. its consider a ghost visit because nobody remember it, but the actually fans of rediohead hope that they comeback to mexico one day and see that now we have a real interest for the band

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 16:34:30

now that the band is really popular
nobody and i mean nobody can believe that
this great band once came to mexico and play ed a concert for half an hour or less in such a horrible place at mexico city . me and all the fans from here want them to come back and to see by themselves that there is a lot of interest for the band and its music
(if they someday come i would piss in my pants and buy a ticket)!!!!!

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