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Sancho's - Guanajuato, Mexico
October 23, 1994
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 20:20:13

Hi, Believe me or not I knew the band in 1997 three years after their presentations in Mexico with the marvelous OK Computer, actually I knew about the gigs because I bought the Radiohead's Star Profile, but with this gig in special I now a girl that went and even had some beers with them in an invented-not-liked-for-the-band meet and greet after the show, she told me that was excellent because she've heard their biggest hit in that time "Creep" and decided to go also because it was an special presentation by an english band in the "Festival Cervantino" a very important festival here in Mexico(like Glastonbury, do you get the picture?)celebrated every year, but of course I want to send you my own experiences from a presentation of them here in Mexico, I really hope that they return someday.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 16:27:25

it was a show i would killed to havee gone
but what i have heard by a cousin of mine
is that it was a concert in the "festival
Cervantino" a very important arts festival
of guanajuato(mexicos state)in which bands
from all the world come to play of course
radiohead was the sensation in that festival
because of "Creep", actually radiohead is very known here and i hope they someday return (the day that happens i would piss on my pants) i really beg for their return
any radiohead pictures please to my mail

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 16:43:13

about the review i sent i forget to say
that the place where radiohead played is called Sanchos because of Don quijotes guy
Sancho Panza ,the guy of Cervantes book Don quijote and that the "cervantino Festival" is named after cervantes the greatest spanish

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