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Justin Herman Plaza - San Francisco, CA USA
April 3, 1995
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The Bends
Anyone Can Play Guitar
High & Dry
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Fake Plastic Trees
Prove Yourself
My Iron Lung
Stop Whispering
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 06:41:47

wow. was that really like 8 years ago. wow. that was one of my most memorable concerts ever. first of all. free show. in a small plaza in the middle of san francisco's financial district in the middle of the day.. must have been my first (or 2nd?) year in high school but of course I couldnt miss one of live 105's series of live concerts.. this was during what i think was live 105's glory days when they played everything from bjork to ministry to pavement. you get the picture.. anyway i didn't know what to expect seeing as this was my first concert ever. ever. their set totally blew us away. this was back in the day when crowdsurfing was at its peak. i was in the front left side of the stage. where ed o'brien stood. had never heard any of the songs from the bends before.. it just came out. but i remember how iron lung was amazing live.. and most everyone sang along to creep .afterwards they stayed for an hour or 2 to sign photos and programs for everyone.everyone. still have a very close headshot of thom somewhere in my album. my friend and i were still on cloud 9 the next day. i dont think anything could top the pure joy i felt from seeing radiohead that day.

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