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Catania Stadium - Sicily, Italy
August 6, 1995 with REM
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REM Monster Tour
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Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 04:52:33

I WAS THERE! I'm from Sicily...and you may know that here is quite a MIRACLE to have the chance of seeing people like R.E.M. live in concert...well that happened the 6th aug 1995! Because in the city of Catania there were fantastic people involved in music (grazie Francesco Virlinzi, wherever you are now) who were friends of R.E.M., so..
Radiohead were almost unknown in Italy in 1995... but I already had bought my copy of The Bends, and I was pretty interested..So I went in Catania to see the show (note that for me R.E.M. and Radiohead were important as equals!!!)
So I was stunned seeing that 5 guys on stage, expecially that freaky blond singer and that xtra-cool guitarist with Tele on his left... playing that cool, almost grungy music...(I remember a Fender guitar amp with the figure of a cow on it)... but there was more, there was a VIBE growing in me. The audience clapped but very few people were dancing or moving...and i can remember my head go up and down like a craze in my iron lung, "the headshrinkers" section..i was quite alone :P ! They played "the bends" lp almost in its entirely (except for sulk, black star and another one or two which i can't remember actually), plus "Creep". It was the first time I heard that song (I was'n much interested in mtv LOL), and I went mad. I was sure they were gonna be a HUGE band. And I was right :)

I bought HTTT this morning...Radiohead now are the most respected band in the world. They rule. But I will not forget that night in Catania 8 years ago, where (for me!) it all began...

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