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Bercy - Paris, France
June 9, 2008 with Bat for Lashes
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01 All I Need
02 There There
03 Lucky
04 Bangers + Mash
05 15 Step
06 Nude
07 Pyramid Song
08 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
09 The Gloaming
10 My Iron Lung
11 Faust Arp
12 Videotape
13 Morning Bell
14 Where I End And You Begin
15 Reckoner
16 Everything In Its Right Place
17 Bodysnatchers

18 Exit Music (For A Film)
19 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
20 House Of Cards
21 Paranoid Android
22 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

23 Like Spinning Plates
24 You And Whose Army?
25 Idioteque
Show Notes
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There are 2 reviews for this show.

Submitted on: JUNE 13, 2008 03:04:13

Wow.. what a fantastic show. The atmosphere inside the Palais Omnisports was really electric and by the time the band came on stage it felt like the roof would come off. The crowd was buzzing - very un-Parisian! Thom was clearly up for it too and was very energetic throughout the show. The In Rainbows tracks dominated of course, but we were given a great cross-section of older material too. Bangers and Mash was superb, and The Gloaming was a revelation, but its churlish to pick out individual songs because the whole thing was stunning from start to finish. The sound was very good and the lighting looks very simple initially but actually is incredibly effective. I felt honoured to be there to be honest - Ive been to a lot of gigs in my time but tonight I really felt that I was in the presence of the best band in the world at he top of their form. 10/10

Submitted on: JUNE 16, 2008 12:32:09

This was the first time I'd been abroad to see any band, but my 10th Radiohead gig.

I was expecting an open football-type stadium for this, but actually the venue was like a compact Nottingham Ice Arena with standing and tiered seating. Not sure on the capacity, but I'd guess 10 - 15 thousand.

The crowd were fantastic and loved the whole thing, including Bat for Lashes (very Bjorkesque). The standing area was really packed in all the way to the back - took me 5 minutes to get from the front to the bar at the back.

There seemed to be an unusually long time between the support finishing and Radiohead coming onstage, but when the lights dropped the crowd went mad. The set was fantastic, although I'd been hoping for a first hearing of 'Super Collider', but that didn't happen. There were a few minor blips in an otherwise outstanding performance. My Iron Lung only just hung together near the end of the track, Exit Music suffered some odd feedback noises / echoes and Paranoid Android saw a false start. Late in the gig Thom asked the crowd to move back as people were being squashed at the front, but you could hear him ask "How do you say that in French?"

Highlights for me were Faust Arp as it was the first time I'd heard this live, Bangers and Mash - got to love Thom's drumming, Weird Fishes - stunning, Reckoner (my favourite track currently), Morning Bell - a rare treat for me, and You and Whose Army - with Thom's usual staring out the camera on the piano. Jonny's guitaring blew me away as always with his switching of pace and instruments (as on There There) - at time's he was caressing it like a new born baby and I can't recall which song it was on but he played it like a Cello for a while. Amazing.

The main difference between a UK crowd and a French crowd was that there was less singing along in France which I found better.

I'd highly recommend making the trip to see Radiohead, or any decent band in Paris (or other Eurostar destinations) as the trip was so easy, but Paris prices were horrendous - the worst round was 50 euros for 3 large beers!!

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