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Florida Suncoast Dome - St Petersburg, FL USA
September 9, 1995 with REM
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Show Notes
REM Monster Tour
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Submitted on: AUGUST 22, 2003 06:14:24

this show happened on sept 9, 1995. i am writing this on july 22, 2003. i wish i could remember every little detail about the show, but i can't. what i do remember is that radiohead blew r.e.m. out of the water.

r.e.m.'s set that night was more a play than a concert as the band just seemed to be playing the parts of musicians rather than acctually being musicians with souls. on the other hand, radiohead was brilliant. being that they had only 45 minutes to play, they gave it thier all and delivered a beatuiful set of music.

Submitted on: AUGUST 22, 2003 09:33:50

I remember hearing Creep. I don't remember much else, but thought I would mention to maybe spark someone else's memory. The Thunderdome now called something else was a massive venue. The top deck was covered with a tarp. I think there something like 30,000 people there.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 13:15:11

I went to this show and I remember it very clearly. At the time and still now, I was an equal fan of both bands. I disagree that REM was "blown out of the water." REM knew Radiohead was an awesome bands and they helped bring their music to those who hadn't even heard of Radiohead before. REM had a very intense show as they always have. At the time Radiohead was an up and coming band, but they evolved into something great like all great bands do. They were both really good in their own way. REM at the time had snappy visual effects and lighting which is something that Radiohead uses now adays. I was glad that REM allowed everyone and myself to see Radiohead. Which made me respect REM even more. After that night I was a bigger Radiohead fan than ever.

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