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Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA USA
August 25, 2008 with Liars
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1. Reckoner
2. Optimistic
3. There There
4. 15 Step
5. All I Need
6. Pyramid Song
7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
8. The Gloaming
9. Videotape
10. Talk Show Host
11. Faust Arp
12. Tell Me Why (Neil Young Cover)
13. No Surprises
14. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
15. The Bends
16. The National Anthem
17. Nude
18. Bodysnatchers

Encore 1:
19. House of Cards
20. Planet Telex
21. Go Slowly
22. Fake Plastic Trees
23. True Love Waits Intro/Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2:
24. Cymbal Rush
25. Karma Police
26. Idioteque
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Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2008 21:11:26

what a great show! except one part. a very annoying couple sat behind me. when Thom said "bloody cheery," the wife said "lionel richie?" while the husband said "play Creeps! play Creeps!!!"

For serious.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2008 21:50:07

This is the second show I have seen on this tour (the first being in Auburn), and tonight's gig trumped Auburn.

In the section I was in, there were a few people who had been to the show before, and the people right in front of us had been to over 20 Radiohead shows. The guys in front of us said that this was better than the other shows they have seen on this tour, and that Bonnaroo 06 was the only show they can say without doubt was better.

Fake Plastic Trees, Cymbal Rush, and whatever came after Faust Arp were the standouts.

Seeing the last two shows on the tour too!

Wish us all luck!

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2008 21:50:47

Wow. Just ... wow. I knew Radiohead would do songs tonight they didn't do last night but I was unprepared for a couple of shockers: Thom alone at the piano playing "Cymbal Rush" (and mucking it up charmingly), Thom and Jonny covering Neil Young's "Tell Me Why" and a ballad that I have never heard before. Anyone know if that was a brand new song or a b-side???

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2008 21:51:39

i was fortunate enough to get to go to both shows at The Hollywood Bowl. i loved them both more than words can describe. one night wasn't better than the other, but wildly different setlists. last night i got paranoid android and lucky, tonight i got the bends and fake plastic trees. was also psyched for karma police and no surprises tonight. thom was wearing the cutest red pants too. and he forgot how to play cymbal rush [another happy surprise]. LOL.

10th Radiohead show, 4th at the Bowl. tonight was my fav.

wish i could go to Santa Barbara.


Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2008 22:50:02

This show was fantastic! It could have been louder, but I think the Hollywood bowl has turned the volume down on shows lately... Same complaint for shows I went to earlier this year. They played all the classics that I wanted to hear, they ended on my favorite song, and they played most of In Rainbows! Thank you guys!!!

Here is another set list, with some extra notes about the songs... Reckoner/Optimistic/There There/15 Step/All I Need/Pyramid Song/Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/The Gloaming/Videotape/Talk Show Host/Faust Arp/Tell Me Why*/No Surprises/Jigsaw Falling Into Place/The Bends/The National Anthem/Nude/Bodysnatchers/Encore: House of Cards/Planet Telex/Go Slowly/Fake Plastic Trees/True Love Waits Intro/Everything In Its Right Place** Encore 2: Cymbal Rush/Karma Police/Idioteque

* = Neil Young cover featuring Johnny Greenwood and Thom York on acoustic guitars

** = Thom sings two minutes of "True Love Waits" on a sustained dark organ before launching into "Everything In Its Right Place"

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 03:37:54

easily the best set they played all tour. both nights at the bowl were amazing, but the second night was the one that blew my mind into another land far away. thom played cymbal rush from the eraser... holy hell it was amazing. other highlights included the bends, fake plastic trees, talk show host, planet telex and a neil young cover, tell me why, preformed by johnny and thom. words cannot describe the sound quality from the bowl. thank you radiohead.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 04:12:21

ok here it goes

first i was shaking i dont know why but i was nervous! and the guys came out thom in red skinnys,phil nicely dressed up and so was ed, johnny in his normal jeans and shirt along with colin

they opend the night with reckoner!
it was great i didnt know how close i was going to be and phil noticed the shirt i had on (I love muse and radiohead so get over it) and i looked up and hes looking at me with a confused look on his face and we started smiling at each other and i just start laughing and so does he as soon as i noticed what was happening i started to shake! i got goose bumps haha and then thom noticed but he had no reaction ed noticed to he just smiled!

also when thom was trying to remeber cymbol rush i yelled out "its ok thom we still love you" and i was told ot SHH!!!! but it was ok i loved it

the night was full of suprises amazing songs i thought they would never play
but after the show i saw various celebs:
Uncle Rico(from napolian dynomite)
what i though was john mayer
dave grohl
juliet lewis(she was drunk off her ass and two guys were dragging her out)

and others

i can say that is was truly the best night of my life so far !

thom improvised the last part of the show i saw the set list and it said they were going to play paranoid android but they didnt so that was cool that he pulled a fast on on us!
they played longer that sundays show the liars only played a 30 min. set

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 05:22:59

SIMPLY INCREDIBLE! It's an honor for the greatest band in the world to have finished their summer tour in LA!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 06:21:12

I've seen the band perform 2-3 shows per tour since OK Computer and last night's show was the closest I have ever been to disappointed. Perhaps it is because they have been nothing less than absolutely perfect in the many previous shows. But something felt off for the first half of this show. The energy was low, there were rare technical errors, and most of the guys just seemed to be going through the motions (Colin being an exception). In particular was the stretch from Pyramid Song through Weird Fishes, The Gloaming, and Videotape where the show just seemed to grind down to a near halt. Nobody really seemed to be into it, including the band. I had never experienced anything like this in previous shows.

Just when I started to worry, however, Talk Show Host brought everything back to life and the show took off from there. It was an entirely different show thereafter. The band seemed to find a new energy, the songs popped and sparkled, and the audience found its pulse. The Bends, National Anthem, EIIRP, and Karma Police were all spectacular highlights from the second half. In all fairness, it has been a long tour, and this was the second night in LA so maybe the band is feeling the effects of being on the road. In addition, LA must be a tough place to play. Although there are some amazing fans here, there are a lot of fake plastic fans in these crowds that are disrespectful, rude, and continuously talkative throughout the show.

All in all, I am always appreciative of the chance to see Radiohead live, and this was no exception.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 06:39:07

this was my ninth time seeing radiohead. they get better every single time.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 07:23:02

wow what a amazing show. I sat in the back of the bowl but it still was amazing. who would think that something that looked so small sound so good. The stage looked so crazy. It looked like 3D, kinda like they were moving throw time. They played 2 new songs i haven't heard yet which sounded like art for my ears. Man they get better and better every show. It proves thats God was showing off when he made Radiohead.

P.S I miss you Noir

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 08:28:34

Amazing show last night. So much energy and an interesting set list. They opening with Reckoner. They played Talk Show Host and even what seemed to be a Neil Young acoustic cover (after Faust Arp). Can't wait for the set list to appear. Sounds was amazing - the best I've heard at a show in a long time.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 09:42:55

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
-w.b. yeats

thank you radiohead.

to the audience of sunday august 24th, im glad you can say that you saw a radiohead show, im sure it was pleasant for you. thom, your comment about paranoid android and its influence from a los angeles bar typified the type of fans at your first show. to the real fans at sundays show, even though the set was great and you cant truly miss with radiohead, my condolences. and oh well, they had to play morning bell?...

to the real fans of monday the 25th, cheers to you. im sure at least 15,000 people called in sick tuesday. an incredible show and a great crowd, i could feel the anticipation for every song. the taste in the air was electric. i thought i had seen it all when the pixies opened for you at coachella... i guess i was wrong. i doubt my synapses will experience anything so monumental as what they envisioned last night.

my greatest expectations were met. even down to the arabic exit music, brought me right home.

another fan,

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 10:18:56

A performance for the ages. Radiohead took my expectations and blew them to smithereens.

Optimistic growled fiercely. The crowd treated Pyramid Song with reverence, and then abruptly jumped to dance along with Arpeggi and a stunning arrangement of The Gloaming.

After changing gears with Talk Show Host, they went folky with Faust Arp followed by an achingly pretty cover of Tell Me Why from After the Gold Rush. I can't really express how happy I'll be if Faust Arp is foreshadowing an unexpected folk turn for LP8.

As if this wasn't enough, they proceeded to hit us with passionate versions of The Bends, Planet Telex, and Fake Plastic Trees.

And Go Slowly. And a True Love Waits intro before EIIRP.

AND a final encore of Cymbal Rush, Karma Police, and Idioteque.

Beyond belief. This tour ends the idea that Radiohead has any sort of uneasy relationship with American concert audiences. Last night, we were all spellbound. Nothing intruded on the fascination or the joy. There were some very british funny bits, too - I'll leave those stories to someone who was closer to the stage.

P.S. I'm going to stick up for the L.A. crowd. Like a clever football crowd, they were loud at the right times and, more importantly, quiet at the right times. I love you, Los Angeles.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 12:00:51

This was my first Radiohead Concert and first real concert in general and it was amazing. Thom talked with the audience quite a few times. I was sitting way back but i still enjoyed it. the light show was decent. they played in rainbows and a bunch of oldies. i wasn't expecting true love waits to open for everything in its right place and it was really awesome. oh and it was pretty funny when thom forgot how to play cymbal rush from the eraser, he got it on the second try though so its all good.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 13:40:21

This had to be the most AMAZING night of the 2. The sound was great. The energy was absolutely, undeniably electric. 95% of the crowd was on their feet the entire show. I lost it when they played Talk Show Host and that was just the middle of their set.

These were my 24th and 25th Radiohead shows. My first was way back for Pablo Honey at the Troubadour in Hollywood and for them to grow into what I and all of the lucky people who attended witnessed, have to be (in my book) the most important and remarkable bands to come out since music was invented.

I dont think anything will compare to the set list they played last night. When they came on stage, I knew this evening was going to be magic. Every single moment of this night was perfect.

I never posted here before. I just wanted to get this off my chest to people like you who understand the excitement in my heart and soul.



Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 17:37:19

i highly doubt that you were the one thom told to shh. im pretty sure he was shushing the crowd in general, especially to the person in the front who started clapping particularly loud at that moment..

this show was definitely one of the best ones ive been to, although i must say that i never understood everyone always complaining about the la crowd until now. they really would not shut up, i even had a couple stupid guys come up and try to make conversation with me(hit on, if youwill) and that pissed me off so much. this is radiohead not some stupid la club. anyway i just ignored them and kept dancing and singing like mad.
besides that it was truly amazing, lots of surprises, especially when they played eiirp, i was so sad bc i thought it was over at that point, they usually end with that song.
i dont think it quite tops how to disappear completely and climbing up the walls for me, but still a ridiculously good setlist!

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 17:51:43

I was reluctant to write a review because I was afraid I couldn't find the right words to describe what I saw and do it justice. I'll give it a try. ENTHRALLING, EMOTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL, SPELLBINDING, SPIRITUAL.


Amazing show.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 19:00:47

This show was better than Sundays. Both were excellent.

Oh yeah, Tareq = total LA douche. He's clearly "not getting it".

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2008 19:03:00

This was my second time seeing Radiohead and i was amazed once again. The show really picked up after Talk Show Host, and I very much approved of set list. Thom's solo and the Neil Young Cover where a nice switch up. I also thought the lighting was really cool. Very unique. Overall, great show. Way to go, guys.


Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2008 09:09:04

anyone know if there is a soundboard recording of this show?

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2008 15:43:53

PROS: The music was excellent and the band was in top form. Hollywood Bowl has great acoustics. The "Tell Me Why" cover was a cool surprise. Glad they played every track from In Rainbows.

CONS: The crowd sucked (well, in section F1). Since when did idiots start listening to radiohead? There were frat boys who wouldn't shut up and were screaming like little girls at an nsync concert. This was my 4th radiohead show in SoCal and I've never seen and heard a crowd so disrespectful to the band and fellow patrons. Don't get me wrong... it's cool to cheer and yell, but can it be done in between songs? Especially on acoustic numbers. Also, I've got nothing against pot, but does it have to be smoked amongst a crowd? I came to listen to one of my favorite bands, not smell low quality weed.

I'll check out some other reviews, but are other towns this bad or it just an LA thing? I would like to see Radiohead again, but will pass if they play in LA. Sorry for the negative comments, but that's how it was. I will continue to support Radiohead and hope they continue to make wonderful and remarkable music.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2008 16:47:14

This was my third time seeing Radiohead; and out of the 100 to 200 various shows I've seen through the years, I was expecting it to at least get into my top 20. It did. I expected the acoustics to be superb for my first trip to the Hollywood Bowl, and they of course were. Heck, I doubt it would sounded and better if it was remastered and I was listening to it through Bose headphones with an Ipod.

They aren't exactly a band that induces a frenzied crowd, more of an introspective experience; so that aspect of it wasn't all that relevant to me.

My only complaint, and unfortunately it was a big one, was the setlist for the 2nd night. In my opinion, Radiohead peaked at Amnesiac. I don't think they put much effort into In Rainbows. So I missed out on Climbing Up the Walls, Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, Dollars & Cents, and Street Spirit. Travesty.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2008 19:34:04

Good god...after many failed attempts on going to gigs during the last tour, this is FINALLY my first Radiohead concert!

Like many fans out there, I stayed up all night to score some tickets from W.A.S.T.E., but like the few fortunate ones I somehow ended up nailing seats in the highly-demanded pool section. As if that wasn't enough, I was allocated to FRONT ROW SEATS! HOLY SHIT, how insane is this?!

I can't even begin to say how AMAZING this concert was!! Even better was witnessing how much the guys were enjoying their performance onstage; they were definitely in a good mood considering that I've never seen them smile so much! Easily said, by what was seen, that they really love what they do. =]

Besides the fact that the front row seats were only 2 or 3 mere feet away from Thom/Jonny, it was something to see the ENTIRE CROWD (damn, front row kicks ass!). There were lots of fans singing and swaying/dancing along, and some who I spoke to were great folks, needless to say.

And what REALLY makes a good concert is the music. Setlist...HOLY SH*T! "Faust Arp" and then an unexpected cover of "Tell Me Why" had jaws dropping! And those encores were ACE!! "Go Slowly" and "Cymbal Rush" made my night. Not to mention that I got to finally see how songs from "The Bends" and "Kid A" are MUCH BETTER LIVE!

Now, I STILL don't know what I'm going to do. The show is already over (duh) and I'm faced with a TERRIBLE concert-withdrawal. I absolutely enjoyed this concert, and Radiohead is DEFINITELY one of my favorite bands to see live. It's not an unhealthy obsession (yet), but I'm guessing that this is just the start...<3

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2008 10:11:53

Bringing my total up to 5, I saw them Friday night at the SF Outside Lands festival, and then Monday night in LA, and though the two setlists were quite similar, this was the best I've ever seen them. Thom intro'd "Everything In Its Right Place" with "True Love Waits," which he also did the night I saw them in Berkeley in 2006. What a wonderful memory to relive!

"Tell Me Why" by Neil Young..."Planet Telex" & "The Bends"..."Cymbal Rush" were all so amazing to experience live. And the light show really is the best they've ever had -- it just gets better and better every time I see them! During "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi," the lights made you feel like you were underwater, especially during "I hit the bottom and escape" when the hanging beams of lights started to simulate being swallowed up by bigger and bigger waves of water.

I wish I could have been there both nights, because both had such amazing setlists, but I'm so happy, and it was such an honor to be there and experience that 26-song concert with everyone, especially my mom!

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2008 10:17:53

You people annoy me. Stop saying how many Radiohead shows you've been to, you pretentious dinks. Also Liz (the one - on 9/26 - who wrote the most annoying piece of content posted on the World Wide Web), are you sure that Phil was laughing at your shirt? What's so special about your dumb shirt and what is the reference to Muse? Regardless, no one gives a crap about your personal experience (that are probably fabricated anyways), so why don't you actually bring something to the table and tell me some details of what they did at the show. Please, try not to write something that irritating ever again.

By the way, the show they played in Boston probably smoked this show and to all of you pretentious d-bags in LA, if you didn't see them at Bonnaroo 06, you haven't seen Radiohead.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2008 10:32:20

Wow what a amazing show it almost had me in tears, me and my fiancee had a great time the only thing that annoyed me was when my fiancee kept asking me whats this song called that got on my nerves a little but shes new to radiohead so i can understand that, we were in the pool circle in section B the crowd was great the energy was way high what a treat,i wish they played Paranoid Android but you cant always get what you want, what was really cool after the show me and my fiancee went up to the stage while the roadies were moving the bands instruments and the roadie with the ponytail and glasses walked up to me and my fiancee and raised his finger to his mouth and went shhh and handed my fiancee a grey guitar pick that says "Jim Dunlop" on the guitar pick and she gave it to me FUCKEN AWESOME:), Hope to see them again in a couple of years, Radiohead=Best live band in the world

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2008 18:40:54

HERANSAPHONE, you are out of it. Were you even at the same show? Are you sure that you weren't feeling well? Sometimes we personally don't feel energized for whatever reason and blame it on the energy of a show. It's so subjective, but I can't believe anyone would say that the first half or a part of the show on Sunday night almost grinded to a halt. Every show has sections of high energy and low energy. It's an ebb and flow man.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2008 12:37:09

Bob get the stick out of your a**

i enjoyed myself at the show so whats your problem

oh im sorry i guess i have to cheak with bob from now on before i write stuff on the web just to please him.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2008 08:54:23

First radiohead concert - and what a gig it was! highlights for me were jigsaw, planet telex, fake plastic trees and idioteque, although all the show was great (other then house of cards, which i don't like). It's a pity they didn't do Paranoid Android, though.

And LIZ, i'm 100% sure you're mistaken, they played just what they meant to. The only improvisations were Tell Me Why and True Love Waits. And here is the picture to prove it:

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