Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography Arena - Glendale, AZ USA
March 15, 2012 with Other Lives
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Submitted on: MARCH 21, 2012 04:37:38

I submitted a review here the first time I saw them live in San Diego in '06 and left a pretty negative review. I was a young, inexperienced concert goer not ready for the violence that can be brought on by a crowd. Six years of brutalizing my ears later I was ready for the worst. In a filled to the brim hockey stadium I had visions of stampedes akin to spooked elephants. I dreamed of being one of the eleven at The Who concert in 1979 and I. Was. Ready.

To my great pleasure the scene was as serene as it could be. Heck, I might even consider calling people polite. Maybe we have calmed down in our age but the attitude I witnessed was very becoming of Radiohead's style.

Now, this night I was almost born again as a christian. The only logical conclusion after seeing something so brilliant and truly awesome is there must a god. The band was in top form seeming to be enjoying themselves almost as much as I was. Heck, Mr. Yorke was even a bit chatty and at one point announced that "some politicians put on make-up. I think that's weird," before launching into Myxomatosis. Praise be to baby jesus! Vishnu! Buddha! to something that must be out there.

I know... I gush...

Anyways, if anyone has or knows of a good place to get a recording of Packed Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box played at this show please shoot me an e-mail. You'll be in my prayers seeing as that is what I do now (or at least have my thanks).

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