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Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, Ohio USA
June 5, 2012 with Caribou
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1. Bloom
2. Airbag
3. Kid A
4. Bodysnatchers
5. Staircase
6. Codex
7. The Daily Mail
8. Myxomatosis
9. The Gloaming
10. Separator
11. Nude
12. Identikit
13. Lotus Flower
14. 15 Step
15. Feral
16. Idioteque

Encore 1:
17. Morning Mr. Magpie
18. These Are My Twisted Words
19. Subterranean Homesick Alien
20. Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2:
21. Give Up The Ghost
22. National Anthem/Hunting Bears
23. Reckoner
Show Notes
There is one review for this show.

Submitted on: JUNE 07, 2012 15:44:15

Awesome show... as always. I've seen Radiohead numerous times (especially when they are in my general area in the states), and the band transports me to another time and place. If I could afford it, I could be completely fulfilled just following Radiohead around the world listening to them play. The band played Staircase and The Daily Mail, as well as a newer song I am not familiar with (called Identikit, which I liked very much). Besides the new tracks off of KOL, it was nice to hear songs that I don't usually hear in concert. I did not hear Little By Little, which I had been excited to hear (as well as few other favorites), but with the amount of Radiohead songs growing larger and larger, the surprise factor is pretty cool. Having two drummers added a nice new dimension to the concert, and sounded great. The stage show itself was very groovy (I am partial to lights and color enhancing the mood of the music), though on the next tour I would choose a different venue to attend; I wasn't able to get seats (though I tried my hardest!), and the view from the lawn is obstructed by these awful red steel girders. The screens showing the stage were basically non-operational, and once the music started I didn't let it bother me, but it was definitely a drag upon first sight. The girders blocked the outer thirds of the stage from view. Didn't stop me from taking pictures and enjoying myself, but I will avoid this venue next time-- given the choice. Honestly, I am just thrilled anytime Radiohead comes to Ohio, period! I always wish to hear more, because it's just never enough, but I rapturously enjoyed every minute. I couldn't always clearly hear Thom when he was speaking to the crowd, but on the lawn, that is to be expected (with others talking, etc). My husband commented that it felt like the music was somewhat quiet (maybe that was just on the lawn?) because he was having trouble hearing a bit. Favorite moments (if I just had to choose) include Bloom, Kid A, Bodysnatchers, Staircase, Separator, Identikit, Lotus Flower, 15 Step... okay, really, everything. Give Up The Ghost was haunting and gorgeous, and anything from Kid A gets me excited. I did miss Exit Music, Climbing Up The Walls, Morning Bell, Knives Out, Dollars and Cents, etc, but unfortunately, Radiohead cannot play their entire collection in one concert, and I completely get that. Radiohead is my favorite band of all time, basically from the exact moment that I heard first High and Dry and bought The Bends, and I am on board for wherever Radiohead goes next creatively. I just hope the guys keep making mind-blowing music and that I may keep coming to see performances. Because I will.

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