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The Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI USA
June 11, 2012 with Caribou
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There There
Kid A
Morning Mr. Magpie
The Gloaming
I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song
Climbing Up the Walls
Lotus Flower
Paranoid Android
Little by Little

Exit Music (For a Film)
Full Stop

Give Up the Ghost
Karma Police
After the Gold Rush [teaser intro - Neil Young cover]
Everything in its Right Place
Show Notes
Their first time playing in Michigan in just months shy of 15 years!
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Submitted on: JUNE 11, 2012 21:45:12

This show was phenomenal! Radiohead were tight and energetic. The stage setup was brilliant, with a dozen "Jumbotron" style screens. Six were at the top of the entire setup, and six were suspended on hydraulics in front of a gigantic LED display so they could be raised, lowered, turned, etc.

Thom was especially playful, joking with fans between songs. The set list was incredible, songs perfectly placed to compliment each other and the lights changing colors and organization to fit the mood of each.

While it's impossible to list highlights, a few songs got particularly enthusiastic crowd reactions:
The back-to-back-to-back performances of "Pyramid Song", "Climbing Up the Walls" and "Nude" had excitement at a fever pitch, the entire stadium constantly increasing in volume with cheers and applause at the recognition of each song, and their conclusions.
"Paranoid Android" had all of the thousands of people gathered singing and rocking along throughout.
"Idioteque" had explosive cheering throughout and people dancing in the aisles.
"Exit Music (For a Film)" opened and closed with a sea of lighters, the entire audience clapping and singing along enthusiastically.
"Full Stop", while brand new (only its second public performance!), got a huge positive reaction from fans at its conclusion.
"Karma Police" again had singing along throughout.

...of course every song got an incredibly enthusiastic reaction from the audience since it was their first show in the state in well over a decade...

Let's hope it doesn't take them another 15 years to return!

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