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Riem Airport - Munich, Germany
November 25, 1995
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Show Notes
Thom loses his voice and walks off 5 songs into the set. From ATN news: "The guys from
Radiohead seem to be very low key. Perhaps even the term "wimpy" comes to mind, but Radiohead singer Thom Yorke left the stage in Munich in a huff after he lost his voice on November 25. Apparently the band had began "Creep" when Yorke's voice cracked. Members of the audience said that his voice sounded fine to them, but he was disgruntled about something and took his microphone, and aimed it toward the audience who were singing along appearing quite agitated while doing so. He then walked to the edge of the stage, and sat down--after which some sort of scuffle ensued on stage, before the band filed off. According to reports by fans, bassist Colin Greenwood returned to the stage to apologize, explaining that Yorke had "lost his mind, uh voice."
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