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9:30 Club - Washington DC, USA
April 10, 1996 with David Gray
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 10:37:23

I'm writing this 6 years after the fact...

I just saw Radiohead in Boston...Aug. 13th 2003. It made me think back to this show in the 9:30 club. things have changed.

There were soooo many people in Boston. Very overwhelming! Made me miss the days of small shows like this one at the 9:30 club.

Back in friends and I were waiting outside the line....Thom comes walking out of the club by himself (2 hours before show) and no one even recognized him. I thought it was him and nudged my friend. We didn't want to bother him but said..."hey"...he turned and gave us a little snarl and a head nod. He walked right by the crowd lined up outside the club and no one even knew who he was. Funny now!

As far as the show goes...we sat in the balcony and we were pretty much right over Johnny's head. I realized at this show just how amazing Thom's voice is. A highlight was when they played "lucky" was new at the time. Other songs I remember from the show are bones, planet telex, anyone can play guitar, fake plastic trees, my iron lung. Not sure about others...but..most of the Bends.

Great show....miss the old days.


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