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Le Transbordeur - Lyon, France
April 17, 1996
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my iron lung
high and dry
street spirit (fade out)
planet telex
nice dream
inside my head
anyone can play guitar

sur anyone can play guitar, thom casse deux cordes et secoue sa guitare frénétiquement.

blow out
fake plastic trees this is another new song... it's a sad song... sorry, but we love sad songs!

no surprises
bulletproof..i wish i was
i promise
the bends
nobody does it better
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Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 12:06:34

a fabulous show that i will discribe you in a few lignes, 7 years after. First song, My iron lung, and during nearly 1 hour and a half, i felt I was in the fabulous dream of seeing them for the first time. BUT IT WAS REAL !!!
When we were in the queue in the Transbordeur, before they opened the doors of the stage room, i saw with my friends Thom leaving the stage room, going to the wallets. He was 10 meters far from me. A few people ran to him and spoke a little with him. But he quickly went back to the stage room.
I remember they've played all the songs from the Bends except Black star and Sulk ...
they played creep, anyone can play guitar, you ... and thom played a short song solo in the middle of show sounded like you never wahed up after yourself ... but i'm not sure it was that.
no banana co ... but perharps lift ...

So this was the first time i saw them live...

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 01:20:40

7 years after, I am going to give my memories about it.
First, I remember a fantastic atmosphere, with the audience (I was close to the scene)moving a lot during all the show.
I remember a fantastic sound, a fantastic 'Creep', and a band who really seemed to enjoy themselves
This was the first time I saw Radiohead live, and maybe my best memories of a show

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