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Apollo - Manchester, England
July 11, 1996
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 11:45:56

My first Radiohead gig and I was not dissappointed.
I am not to sure of the full set but they opened with Iron Lung. As this was pre OK Computer the set was mostly tracks from the Bends. Some great performances of songs rarely heard these days including Bullet Proof and Nice Dream.
Fake Plastic Trees was brilliant as usual, It is so long ago now and everything is a little hazy about this gig but I am sure they played Anyone can play guitar, d
Floyd number but I can't remember definately played Creep and maybe but cannot be certain a version of Lucky.
Also on the set, Bones, but I don't think this was the best they could have performed this song.
Thom introduced a cover of A Pink Floyd number but I don't remember which, he may have even mentioned it was his favourite but again I can't be sure that he ever said that.
Radio one came in for a bit of a slagging off from Thom because thay wouldn't play any of there material

Even after seven years I still recall this as a great gig even if I can't remember it all.

Finally just a note on the support for this one, The Divine Comedy, they were pants!

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