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Pavillion at Stoneridge - Manassas, VA USA
August 25, 1996 with Alanis Morissette
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1. Street Spirit (fade out)
2. Planet Telex
3. Lift
4. Paranoid Android
5. Creep
6. Let Down
7. Fake Plastic Trees
8. Just
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 08:58:50

This was the first time I saw Radiohead. The fact they were opening for Alanis M. was disappointing, but their performance was excellent. In fact, it was the day I fell in love with their music. I remember it was the first time I heard Paranoid Android, which was incredible. I know they also did a pretty raw version of No Surprises. They did fake plastic trees to close the set, if my memory serves me right. I was happy they did not play Creep. I believe it is very irritating when the crowd overwhelms a song, plus Radiohead have always shown much more talent outside of Creep. Though Johnny's guitar riff in the song stands out, I love hearing songs that aren't on the radio often.

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