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Hershey Park Stadium - Hershey, PA USA
August 26, 1996 with Alanis Morissette
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1. The Bends
2. Paranoid Android
3. No Surprises
4. High and Dry
5. I Promise
6. Creep
7. Electioneering
8. Climbing Up The Walls
9. Fake Plastic Trees
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Submitted on: JULY 12, 2003 11:31:00

good glory, thank you for this gigography section! i was at this show (for radiohead, of course... damn that crazy canuck morrissette!) and it's really amazing for me to see the setlist, because since the concert i haven't been able to recall many of the songs they played. at the time, i was a budding radiohead-head and i was really into 'the bends' but wasn't at all familiar with any of their other music. i recall them playing all of the 'bends' tunes... i distinctly remember thom ending their set with 'street spirit'. he played by himself and was absolutely magnificent. if i had only known then that they would play future great songs such as 'climbing up the walls' and 'paranoid android' perhaps i woulda payed more attention to that! anyways, it's finally nice to know what they played back then... a really fantastic set. the crowd gave them a hearty good cheer afterwards (i was amazed at this, being that hershey isn't such a large town). in a way, it was kind of an omen to me... i knew they'd be on to bigger and better things, but i never imagined they'd reshape music the way they have. keep it goin, boys!

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