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KROQ Weenie Roast - Irvine Meadows, CA USA
June 14, 1997
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my iron lung
talk show host
the bends
exit music
paranoid android
fake plastic trees
Show Notes
Thom: "We're the first of the British bands today. We've come to show you how it's done. Here's another song to fill your barren lives, it's called 'Fake Plastic Trees'."
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 06:50:26

I remember I was really excited to see them live finally.....but it was anti-climatic because the crowd SUCKED so bad!! It was a festival show and I think the crowd
just wanted to hear typical KROQ alternative "one hit wonder" crap. Thom
seemed really irratated. I remember him
making smart ass remarks to the crowd.

I remember on one of the slower tempo songs that there was so much conversation that i felt i was in a subway station and could hear some street performer off in the distance.

through all of it they still shined like the best band in the world.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 20:08:06

I remember going to this festival KROQ puts on every year. For this one they had a slew of British bands including The Cure, Oasis, Blur, and Echo & The Bunnymen. The critics made the event out to be American vs. British bands and all pretty much agreed they kicked our American asses! Unfortunately, they gave Radiohead an absolutely horrible timeslot, early when it was still light outside and the place wasn't even full yet. Plus, the kinda people that were there just wanted to get drunk, act like idiots, and hear energy bands like The Offspring. Anyways, I remember at one point during their set, I believe during the slow, dark beginning of Exit Music...the crowd actually started booing and you could tell Thom was pissed! It was such an injustice to make them play so early, but I remember the set still kicking ass for what it's worth. Respect Radiohead dammit!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 03:39:09

Heh, this was my first concert. Went with my brother mainly to see Oasis (yep, sad but true...). Very rowdy crowd with beer throwing and even a couple having sex a few seats away from me. We had decided early on that we would go to get food during Radiohead because my brother said they were a "whiny mopy band." I caught a few of their songs on the way out and heard Paranoid Android going while buying a soda, the sounds making me wonder if I was missing something good. Of course, I was. ;)

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