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TimberBowl - Estarada, OR USA
August 3, 1997
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Fake Plastic Trees
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
Talk Show Host

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Radio session.
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Submitted on: JULY 13, 2003 17:54:15

My first Radiohead show. Seeing them prompted me to buy OK Computer and the Bends not that long after the show. They were playing this festival that I had planned on going to, and they weren't even headlining! Mind you, this is before OK Computer became an international phenomenon. They got about 45-50 minutes to play, and they made the most of it.

They came right out and busted into "Fake Plastic Trees", which got the crowd going. I don't remember much of the setlist, only what I submitted above. The entire festival stood still when they kicked into "Paranoid Android", as the song had just begun to receive airplay. I must say that words cannot express how cool it is to hear the song for the first time LIVE. I mean, I'd never heard it on the radio, I'd never heard it period until I saw them play it. WOW. The rest of the setlist I forget, though I vaguely remember "Airbag", "My Iron Lung", and "Talk Show Host". I do remember them closing with "Just" and I remember it rocking extremely hard.

I realize this sounds cheesy, but this festival was my first concert, and Radiohead was the highlight. Had I not seen them, it would have taken me a few more years to get into them. Hearing "Fake Plastic Trees" live is still one of the highlights of my life, and experiencing "Paranoid Android" is another. I just wish a bootleg of this would surface.

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