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Arrow Hall - Toronto, Canada
August 19, 1997 with Teenage Fanclub
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Planet Telex
Exit Music (For a Film)
Karma Police
Climbing Up the Walls
No Surprises
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
Fake Plastic Trees
Let Down
(nice dream)
Talk Show Host
The Bends

1st Encore:
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Banana Co.

2nd Encore:
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
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Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 06:25:56

The crowd was not great on this night. Before Radiohead came out impatient people were yelling at the sound crew who were apparently sorting out a microphone problem. A sound guy kept walking up to the mic and saying “Check 1..2..” The stage was still dark and suddenly out walks Thom (I was very close to the stage so I know it was him). He stood briefly in front of the mic, then turned to walk off stage. At that moment an impatient fan chucked a full bottle of water (I assume the fan thought it was another techy, not Thom). The bottle came within an inch of clocking Thom off the head!
A few seconds later Meeting In The Isles played over the P.A system, the whole band walked out and launched into a beautiful rendition of Lucky. Unfortunately the crowd immediately surged forward causing a lot of cursing and even some panic.
At least the band sounded great. This was the last time I saw RH in a small venue, so I still feel lucky to have seen it.
Thom was obviously pissed at the crowd. At on point he yelled “this song is for everyone at the back! To the people in the front; you suck. Don’t come back.” Or something like that. I remember feeling embarrassed for my city.
(Although the next time I saw them was at Molson Park in Aug. 2001, and I think T.O. fans redeemed themselves at that show)

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