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Metropolis - Montreal, Canada
August 22, 1997 with Teenage Fanclub
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exit music
karma police
planet telex
climbing up walls
no suprises
my iron lung
paranoid android
fake plastic trees
let down
talk show host
the bends

1st Encore:
subterranean homesick alien
Polyethylene Part 2
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

2nd Encore:
killer cars

3rd Encore:
Motion Picture
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 17:50:47

I was there almost 7 years ago in Montreal. I can still vividly remember evrey song, evry emotion, every mood set by the lighting. The Metropolis is a small/medium venue (1500 people max) and is an old theatre converted into a bar and showground. It was a perfect intimate setting to see Radiohead. I've seem them at least 8 times over the last 10 years and this place was by far the best.

Time had stopped during that concert. Everyone was in a musical transe. It was magic. One of the very best moments of my youth...

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